How to Succeed on the Job

Written by Susan Dunn, M.A.

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It's important to know how to learn informally onrepparttar job and it's important not to underestimaterepparttar 131071 importance of it. Keep your hand onrepparttar 131072 pulse ofrepparttar 131073 organization if you'rerepparttar 131074 boss, and stay inrepparttar 131075 loop if you're an employee. This sort of EQ -- emotional intelligence -- is usually more important to your career and your ability to run your business than your IQ, and it isn't covered inrepparttar 131076 text books.

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Written by Julia Schopick

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So what'srepparttar answer forrepparttar 131069 frugal, environment-conscious menstruating woman? REUSABLE MENSTRUAL PRODUCTS, of course. Unlike tampons, women can userepparttar 131070 earth-friendly, reusable menstrual cup, called THE KEEPER( (, made from gentle rubber (similar torepparttar 131071 rubber that is used to make baby bottle nipples). Besides being easy onrepparttar 131072 environment, The Keeper is easy onrepparttar 131073 pocketbook, costing an average of 29 cents a month for 10 years. With proper care (for instance, not using harsh chemicals to wash it), one cup should last up to 10 years!

The Keeper is also convenient, and comes with a drawstring purse, so it is easy to keep with you so you'll always be prepared. And since it is made of rubber, rather than of an absorbent fibrous material, such as rayon, it can be worn up to 12 hours before being emptied. On heavy days, you may want to change it more often. The fact that The Keeper is not made of rayon, or any other synthetic material, also reducesrepparttar 131074 potential for Toxic Shock Syndrome and eliminates dioxin exposure. (Are you aware thatrepparttar 131075 FDA does not require manufacturers of tampons or pads to list their products' ingredients in or onrepparttar 131076 box?)

But some women want a reusable - but not an insertable - menstrual product. The answer: reusable menstrual pads, such as GladRags (, made from organic cotton that, like The Keeper, can be used for years and will be friendly torepparttar 131077 environment andrepparttar 131078 pocketbook. In fact, women should have choices -- a drawer full of several different reusable products for various times during their periods.

For these reasons, reusable menstrual products are THE MOST ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY OF ALL!

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