How to Succeed in the Poker Freerolls Part 2

Written by Ian McIntosh

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10. Don't chase draws. It can be very tempting when you see that you have a straight draw, (eg you've got a 6 7 and there's a 5 and 8 inrepparttar flop) butrepparttar 145849 reality is that this hand rarely produces a winner. If you can seerepparttar 145850 other cards free or for a cheap call then by all means take a look, but remember at this point you have absolutely nothing and your opponents have almost certainly got at least a pair.

11. Remember that your opponents will play different cards from you. Just because you are doing everything right doesn't mean that they will too! People will play all sorts of hands, especially in a freeroll and you can expect some crazy bad beats. Particular attention should be paid torepparttar 145851 possibility of straights, if there are three cards onrepparttar 145852 table like 5 6 8 for example, there's a good chance somebody might be playing with a 7 4!

12. Treatrepparttar 145853 freerolls seriously. Although you're not investing any money to take part inrepparttar 145854 freerolls, you are investing a chunk of your time so take them seriously. They are a good training ground for learning tournament skills and to win one is a very good achievement. Not to mention you could win some money!

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The Next Simon Cow.

Written by Deepshikha Mohapatro

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There I saw right in front of me a guy speaking his mind out. I don’t care if people call him rude, if people blame him for breakingrepparttar dreams of many, all I saw in front of me was a power like none other. A power to say what you want! I know I always wanted to be like him. But with time I had changed and not only me but so many of us have changed. I know different people will react to this article in different ways but if we took one deep look within ourselves we would surely find a “Simon Cow” trying to find his way out.

Watch Out!


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