How to Start an Online Bankruptcy Forms Processing Service

Written by Victoria Ring

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5. At this pointrepparttar attorney may wish to meet withrepparttar 119285 clients to review their bankruptcy petition before filing, but it is not absolutely necessary. Some attorneys I worked for never meetrepparttar 119286 client face-to-face except when they showed up at court. They communicated withrepparttar 119287 client by email or telephone.

Note: Electronically filed documents do not requirerepparttar 119288 client’s signature so it is not necessary to meetrepparttar 119289 clients face-to-face before filingrepparttar 119290 bankruptcy petition. An attorney is provided with an electronic signature byrepparttar 119291 court that he uses to sign all electronic documents filed on behalf ofrepparttar 119292 client he or she represents.

6. Afterrepparttar 119293 attorney receivesrepparttar 119294 bankruptcy petition by email, he or she will save it on their computer underrepparttar 119295 client file name and beginrepparttar 119296 review. The attorney can either print outrepparttar 119297 bankruptcy petition and make changes with an ink pen, or review it onrepparttar 119298 computer screen and note any changes in an email torepparttar 119299 forms processor.

7. Afterrepparttar 119300 attorney has approved or made changes torepparttar 119301 bankruptcy petition, he or she will email it back torepparttar 119302 forms processor. The forms processor will makerepparttar 119303 changes and prepare a final bankruptcy petition ready for electronic filing. The forms processor emailsrepparttar 119304 final petition torepparttar 119305 attorney for final approval.

8. Upon approval byrepparttar 119306 attorney,repparttar 119307 forms processor will electronically filerepparttar 119308 bankruptcy petition withrepparttar 119309 proper court or email torepparttar 119310 attorney for printing, copying and filing.

As you can begin to see, it would be very easy to start a forms processor service working from home. So if you were like me and are tired ofrepparttar 119311 office politics and playingrepparttar 119312 mental games, you now haverepparttar 119313 opportunity to work from a peaceful home environment where you can focus more on each case and give your clientsrepparttar 119314 personal touch that will set your business apart fromrepparttar 119315 big companies.

** This article is a book excerpt from, “How to Start a Bankruptcy Forms Processing Service” by Victoria Ring, Certified Paralegal. More information is available online at

Victoria Ring is a Certified Paralegal and Notary Signing Agent. She started the first electronic bankruptcy paralegal service on the internet (The Lawyer Assistant) to serve attorneys nationwide. Victoria has authored 17 books and 850 articles since her publishing career began in 1988.

What Is Intellectual Property?

Written by Trina L.C. Schiller

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(a) Whoever, with intent to convert a trade secret, that is related to or included in a product that is produced for or placed in interstate or foreign commerce, torepparttar economic benefit of anyone other thanrepparttar 119284 owner thereof, and intending or knowing thatrepparttar 119285 offense will injure any owner of that trade secret, knowingly -- ** (1) steals, or without authorization appropriates, takes, carries away, or conceals, or by fraud, artifice, or deception obtains such information; ** (2) without authorization copies, duplicates, sketches, draws, photographs, downloads, uploads, alters, destroys, photocopies, replicates, transmits, delivers, sends, mails, communicates, or conveys such information; ** (3) receives, buys, or possesses such information, knowingrepparttar 119286 same to have been stolen or appropriated, obtained, or converted without authorization; ** (4) attempts to commit any offense described in paragraphs (1) through (3); or ** (5) conspires with one or more other persons to commit any offense described in paragraphs (1) through (3), and one or more of such persons do any act to effectrepparttar 119287 object ofrepparttar 119288 conspiracy, shall, except as provided in subsection (b), be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.

Please fell free to visitrepparttar 119289 links referenced, to read more about Intellectual Property - Rights, Crime and Punnishment. There really is an awful lot you should know. This should be required reading for all thinkers.

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