How to Start a Home Decor Business for Profit

Written by Randy Wilson

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Now some questions to ask yourself before you run off to tell that antique dealer you love so much about your new home decor home business are:

  • Do I have space in my home for an office andrepparttar necessary supplies?
  • Is my family supportive of my having a home decor home business?
  • What will I do about accounting?
  • Where are my special skills and talents?
  • Do I enjoy this kind of work?
  • What arerepparttar 146617 zoning regulations concerning home businesses for my neighborhood?
  • What’srepparttar 146618 competition in my area?
  • Is my area saturated with interior decorators and designers?
  • If it is, can I find a way to work with them on a commission basis, perhaps?
  • Do I need to take courses or get a certification of some kind?

Ask yourself lots of questions aboutrepparttar 146619 “business” side of having a home decor home business. When turning a hobby or passion into a business, it’s easy to forgetrepparttar 146620 nitty-gritty details like how you will pay your taxes. Don’t let your excitement and enthusiasm get you in over your head.

Because it will be a business. And you’ll need to think like a business person and make a business plan for your home decor home business. So think things through carefully. Do a lot of research, and find out all you can about a home decorating business and a home decor business.

Learn what people are looking for right now in terms of interior decorating. You may love country home decorating, butrepparttar 146621 people in your area may be on an Oriental or Southwestern home decorating kick. Go to furniture stores and see what they’re stocking. Talk with owners about what’s hot and what they think will be next season.

And after you’ve done all these things, by all means, run off to tell that antique dealer all about your new home decor home business. He or she may have justrepparttar 146622 right person in mind for your first client.

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What would happen to you if you were out of work for five weeks like me?

Written by Chris Robinson

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I had insurance sorepparttar hospital stay and surgery were covered, but I had no income. This experience reminded me that I was still inrepparttar 146616 rat race. Five days a week, I have to be at work when my employer tells me to be there. I work really hard and in return I get a paycheck. However, after my recovery from my surgery, I restarted with fresh enthusiasm my journey to learn how to make my money work hard for me.

Inrepparttar 146617 Rich Dad series, there is a book called The Business School For People Who Like Helping People. Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter (the authors of Rich Dad Poor Dad) highlight "the eight hidden values of a network marketing business, other than making money." Yes, I was skeptical at first. Networking marketing companies come and go allrepparttar 146618 time and most seem to be a waste of time and money - some even breakrepparttar 146619 law. However, there are many legetimate companies and many people building serious incomes from home. Income that will continue for years whether they are inrepparttar 146620 hospital, on a mission trip, or just taking a break from work. In addition to income, these people are getting a financial education that they can apply to other areas of investing. Anyway, Rich Dad convinced me to give network marketing a try.

Network marketing may or may not be right for you. What can you do today to improve your financial health tomorrow? Imagine if you were out of work for three months, six months, or even a year? Would you have enough income coming in to pay your bills and insurance premiums? The key is education but not from a university. Start studying something today whether it is network marketing, stock options, real estate, precious metals or whatever investment may be right for you.

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