How to Start a Flood of Subscribers in Five Days

Written by Thomas Holley

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Now go to and search for “ezine announcement lists” and place your announcement on at least 100 different sites.

Hint: EzineAnnouncer can do this too.

Day Four

Whew, it’s been a tough past couple days! Today is a little different. It shouldn’t be too bad.

Today, you will write an article. Whoops. A few hearts just jumped into some throats. Some people will say, “But I don’t know how to write an article!” Well, today you MUST write one. It can be a simple “How To” article, or something related to your home business, internet marketing, affiliate programs or something along these lines.

Writing articles is absolutelyrepparttar most effective way to market your website and increase you subscriber base. Plus, it’s FREE!

If you need to do some research, go to and do a search for your topic. For more help, check out:

Top Seven Tips for Writing Articles onrepparttar 124234 Internet

12 Tips for Writing Articles onrepparttar 124235 Internet

Don’t spend a lot of time on this. If you finish in 30 minutes, GREAT! Just don’t spend more than a few hours on this project. Your article should be 500-1000 words preferably formatted to no more than 65 characters per line.

Atrepparttar 124236 end of your article, create a resource box likerepparttar 124237 one atrepparttar 124238 bottom of this article.

This allowsrepparttar 124239 people who read your article to find you and learn more about your business. When other ezines publish your articles, your resource box will be included and will help you increase your traffic, gain subscribers and improve your link popularity forrepparttar 124240 search engines.

Now take a break. Relax and enjoyrepparttar 124241 rest ofrepparttar 124242 day. Tomorrow, I will tell you what to do with this article you just wrote.

Day Five

Now you have your article and your resource box, what do you do? Let’s start submitting it to article directories.

You will instantly get your articles posted on popular websites, which will improve your link popularity and allow more opportunities for people to find your website. Ezine and website publishers are always searching these directories looking for articles to use for their own newsletters. When they publish your article, they are required to include your resource box, which can lead to thousands of dollars worth of exposure for you. And again, it’s FREE!

Here are a few top article directories:

Then go to and search for “article directories” and submit to as many ofrepparttar 124243 results as you can. Try to submit to at least 100.

Wow! Congratulations! You made it through these past five days and now you can start reapingrepparttar 124244 rewards of your tremendous effort: tons of subscribers.

But that’s not all. Wash, rinse, repeat. That’s right, do it over again next week. You have to work to build that subscriber base you are looking for. If you sit back and rest on your laurels, you will lose out. You need to keep writing articles and submitting them to article directories. Submit your ezine to a few new ezine directories every day. Then watch as your subscriber base rises torepparttar 124245 top.

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Written by Oluwafisayo Akinlolu

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"How to" articles makerepparttar reader want to click your ads once it harmonizes withrepparttar 124233 article.


If your ezine has an effective feedback mechanism, you should know who your readers are.

Choose only articles that harmonious with your reader's interest.


I don't know about you, but I like detail. Articles that give information would do just fine.


Always determinerepparttar 124234 authenticity of articles you intend to publish. What I mean is try and think on it. Arerepparttar 124235 principles and logic stated inrepparttar 124236 article sound?

Articles which pass this test are good enough for your ezine.


Ifrepparttar 124237 article does not sustain your interest (attention) forrepparttar 124238 first 30seconds (or maximally 60seconds) forget it. Find another article.

You want to sustain your reader's interest so watch out!


Look for articles that are written in plane easy to understand language. The last thing you want is to get your reader confused.

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Anyone may republish this article as long asrepparttar 124239 resource box is included. A courtesy copy of published material should also be sent to me. If published at a website,repparttar 124240 website should be made known.


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