How to Start a Conversation With a Woman

Written by John Alexander

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In every conversation, there is always one person who is reacting more thanrepparttar other. The person who reacts less (i.e., isrepparttar 140807 more relaxed ofrepparttar 140808 two) isrepparttar 140809 more dominant, or alpha, person.

The person trying to winrepparttar 140810 other's approval isrepparttar 140811 one who's more attracted. So a girl will struggle to make small talk and keeprepparttar 140812 conversation going as long as your value is higher than hers.

Women are attracted to men who are a challenge for them. If at some point it becomes clear that you're trying to win her approval, then there's no longer a challenge for her and she loses interest.

Keeprepparttar 140813 alpha status and stay in control ofrepparttar 140814 situation right fromrepparttar 140815 beginning. Make sure to not ever react too much to what a girl says. Always remain more relaxed than her.

Sorepparttar 140816 answer torepparttar 140817 best way to begin a conversation with a woman is this: Don't try. Don't care what she thinks. Just say whatever you want.


John Alexander is author of easy way to talk to girls.

John Alexander is author of

Using The 'Fated Encounter' For First Date Seduction Success

Written by John Alexander

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Let's say, to use a recent example I encountered, that she shops atrepparttar local Whole Foods grocery store.

You can then say, "That's awesome. I shop there too. Imagine, we've probably seen each other there allrepparttar 140806 time!"

Another example would be thatrepparttar 140807 two of you go to downtown LA allrepparttar 140808 time, and probably have walked past each other on many occasions.

And now, you can say, "Isn't it amazing how fate has finally brought us together?"

Asrepparttar 140809 conversation progresses,repparttar 140810 two of you can talk about other coincidences, andrepparttar 140811 thingsrepparttar 140812 two of you might have done together if you'd only known each other.

Withrepparttar 140813 seed planted, asrepparttar 140814 girl thinks about those coincidences, and how "fate" has now broughtrepparttar 140815 two of you together, she will then start to feel as if she's known you, on a deeper psychic level, for a lot longer than just a few hours.

You, she concludes, arerepparttar 140816 man she's been waiting for all her life.


John Alexander is author of 7 Step Seduction System that takes you from saying " rel="nofollow"hello" to a new woman... to sharing orgasms in bed with her... in just one evening!

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