How to Start a Business on the Internet

Written by Darrell Knox

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Someone I know of got a hold of a distributor for those cards, and asked if they would take orders from him and ship orders to his customers. He then set up a website, joined Google's Adwords program where you pay-per-click on your ad, and made $12,000.00 in ONE WEEK selling decks of cards with terrorists on them as souvenirs!

You think you can't start a business onrepparttar internet? Think again! If a guy can make $12,000 a week selling souvenirs, you can certainly find products to sell or even create your own.

Most people start making money online as affiliates. This way you sell other peoples' products and you get a commission for referring sales to them. All you need for this is some great products to affiliate with, a website, a host for your site, and you have everything you need!

Take my site for instance. I sell other peoples' products and services and I love it. If you start a business like mine, there is no need to stock any products, get a merchant account, or deal with customer service. The product owners take care of all that.

Never inrepparttar 116859 history of mankind has it been easier or cheaper to start a business. If you want it, go for it!

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How To Increase traffic and get a better rank on Google

Written by Tony Farrell

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11. Now you need to put a link to their site from your niche mini site. Grab a bit of text from their site and place it in your "Partner Links" page. Then turn that text into a link to their site.

12. Email each web site owner lettingrepparttar know who you are and that you placed a link to their site from your site. Then request that they link back to you. If they don't then just take their link down.

13. When you contactrepparttar 116858 web site owner, just placerepparttar 116859 date of contact on you spreadsheet underrepparttar 116860 colum "Contact 1". Any other contacts should be placed onrepparttar 116861 other "Contact" colums.

14. Whether a link has been accepted or not, just place a "Y" (for YES) or a "N" (for NO) inrepparttar 116862 colum entitled "Link Accepted".

That's it. I have done this for my site and am starting to see an better rank on Alexa and beginning to increase my PR rank on Google.

The thing with this method of getting a better rank on Google is that it's very time consuming and requires persistence on a daily basis. But it will work. Also, don't expect a positive response from every web site owner. Most likely you'll get more rejections than acceptances. Just carry on regardless.

The other thing is that you should ensure that you look for a Traffic Ranking of 100,000 or less on Alexa. This means that you are looking for high traffic web sites. This means a better chance of people clicking on your site. It only makes sense.

Also, you don't need millions of links from just any site to gain a better rank in Google. You need good quality links and this is a good method to do this. That's why I suggest looking for sites that have a Google PR rank of "4" or higher.

Remember I said that even if you don’t have a web site you should follow some ofrepparttar 116863 steps here? Well here’s why...

The sites that have accepted your links are your future "Potential JV Partners". They're your number one contact names for Joint Ventures. They'rerepparttar 116864 first people you contact with your offers for their customers and subscribers.

As you've donerepparttar 116865 research, don't just let all that work just sit there once you've created your link exchanges. You've just started a relationship with those people and you should make use of that opportunity. Even contact those who have not accepted a link to your site. Treat them as secondary contacts for Joint Venture purposes.

Just get crackin’ on this immediately.

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