How to Start a Bankruptcy Forms Processing Service

Written by Victoria Ring

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7. Afterrepparttar attorney has approved or made changes torepparttar 119280 bankruptcy petition, he or she will email it back torepparttar 119281 forms processor. The forms processor will makerepparttar 119282 changes and prepare a final bankruptcy petition ready for electronic filing. The forms processor emailsrepparttar 119283 corrected petition torepparttar 119284 attorney for final approval.

8. Upon approval byrepparttar 119285 attorney,repparttar 119286 forms processor will electronically filerepparttar 119287 bankruptcy petition withrepparttar 119288 bankruptcy court inrepparttar 119289 state whererepparttar 119290 attorney practices law.

Victoria Ring wasrepparttar 119291 first paralegal to start a successful bankruptcy forms processing business onrepparttar 119292 internet for attorneys nationwide. In her new book, How to Start a Bankruptcy Forms Processing Service, she not only provides step-by-step details for doingrepparttar 119293 job properly but also provides insight into marketing and building your business. You will learn step-by-step how to draft every schedule and form within a standard bankruptcy petition. You will be introduced to hundreds of tips and techniquesrepparttar 119294 author used to save time and money that will make you a better asset for your attorney clients.

Additionally, How to Start a Bankruptcy Forms Processing Service will provide you with step-by-step details for drafting a standard Chapter 13 plan. Some attorneys actually purchase this book simply for this information alone. This knowledge is in high-demand and once you learn it, your income potential as a forms process will skyrocket.

Unlike an attorney or notary public, a forms processor does not have jurisdictional limits. In other words, a forms processor could live in Yellow Springs, Ohio and prepare bankruptcy petitions, pleadings, motions and other court documents for attorneys practicing in California, New York or any other U.S. state.

Finally, How to Start a Bankruptcy Forms Processing Service also provides detailed steps of howrepparttar 119295 author built her company, The Lawyer Assistant. Sample advertisements and marketing tools are provided as well as a FREE BONUS set of Client Intake Forms. These arerepparttar 119296 forms you need to provide to attorneys forrepparttar 119297 clients to fill out.

To read book excerpts go to ISBN 0-9761591-1-2, $59.99, 7-1/2 x 9-1/2, 298 pages, softcover

For more information, contact: Victoria Ring Graphico Publishing 614.491.9831


The Prenuptial Agreement Dilemma

Written by Jeffrey Broobin

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Despite its many positive features,repparttar prenuptial agreement cannot accomplish everything.

• A prenuptial agreement may be considered unromantic. • A prenuptial agreement may giverepparttar 119279 appearance of a lack of trust betweenrepparttar 119280 partners. • It is true that a prenup could create resentment between certain spouses. • Certain requirements exist so thatrepparttar 119281 prenuptial agreement cannot be declared invalid. These include failure to disclose all assets, evidence of fraud, forcingrepparttar 119282 agreement uponrepparttar 119283 other spouse, unfairness, and lack of representation atrepparttar 119284 time of signingrepparttar 119285 agreement.

If you are considering having a prenuptial agreement it is important to remember these things:

• Don’t wait untilrepparttar 119286 last minute to talk about financial matters. Discussrepparttar 119287 agreement early inrepparttar 119288 relationship. • Don’t try to hide your thoughts, feelings, and especially your assets.

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Jeffrey Broobin is a free-lance writer on family and finance issues; his main goal is to help people during their complicated period of life.

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