How to Start Your Own Hosting Services

Written by Matt Colyer

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You'll need to keep your servers up to date withrepparttar latest security patches. You'll need a good firewall,repparttar 146195 firewall is first defense you have and may be your best. It's essential to monitorrepparttar 146196 servers allrepparttar 146197 time for any errors, hackers or virus, one slip-up can cause all your servers to be hacked into and then all your customers will be leaving.

To getrepparttar 146198 highest possible server uptime you'll need multiple Internet connections. Depending onrepparttar 146199 area which you reside in, it may be hard to find a Internet connection provider. You will need a fixed IP address, that won't change after each use. Some providers won't offer this, so make sure you check before you choose.

How much are you going to charge for your web hosting services? Ifrepparttar 146200 price is to high people will leave, but ifrepparttar 146201 price is to low people may think your servers are overcrowd with another web sites and that you offer terrible services. What plans will you offer? Shared, reseller or dedicated hosting or maybe all of them.

When you really think about it, it's a lot harder then it seems onrepparttar 146202 surface. Your best choose may be to go with a reseller hosting plan, this will at least give you taste of what you need to do and help build a customer database.

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10 High Powered Ways To Increase Your Traffic

Written by Dr. Roger Boatwright

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6. Combine your products or services into one big package deal with other businesses offerings. You could share a web site and advertiserepparttar package deal; which means doublerepparttar 146189 traffic.

7. Submit your freebie torepparttar 146190 online directories that list your particular item or service for free. If you're offering a free e-zine, submit it to allrepparttar 146191 free e-zine directories onrepparttar 146192 internet.

8. Participate on message boards. Post answers to other people's questions, ask questions and post appropriate information. Include your signature file atrepparttar 146193 end of all your postings.

9. Exchange classified or sponsor ads with other free e-zine publishers. If there is a huge subscriber difference between e-zines, one can run more ads to make up for it.

10. Post your ad on free advertising areas onrepparttar 146194 internet. You can post it on free classified ad sites, free for all links sites, newsgroups that allow ads, free yellow page directories, etc.

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