How to Spot a Scam a Mile Off

Written by Elena Fawkner

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3. Chain Letters - send $5 torepparttar next name onrepparttar 127579 list then crossrepparttar 127580 bottom name offrepparttar 127581 list, replace it with your own, then forwardrepparttar 127582 letter to 500 of your nearest and dearest. What to look for: A jail cell. This is a pyramid scheme and is illegal. The letter goes to great pains to say that it is not illegal.

4. Envelope Stuffing - think you're going to be paid for stuffing envelopes? Think again. You get a kit that you can turn around to recruit others to an envelope stuffing scam of your very own! Watch out for craft assembly work as well. You'll probably find all of your hard work is not up to their exacting "quality standards" and therefore you won't get paid for your work.

5. Health and Diet Scams - magic pills that eradicaterepparttar 127583 need to eat fewer calories than you expend in order to lose weight. They don't work.

6. Effortless Income - no such thing. Asrepparttar 127584 FTC says, if they worked, everyone would be doing it.

7. Free Goods - you're told you'll get a free computer. You have to pay a fee to join a club and then told you have to recruit other members. You get paid in computers. They're nothing but pyramid schemes.

8. Investment Opportunities - look for outrageously high rates of return with no risk.

9. Cable Descrambler Kits - they probably won't work and even if they do, you're stealing a service from a cable company and committing a crime.

10. Guaranteed Loans or Credit - pay a fee and you're given a list of lenders, all of whom turn you down. Credit cards never arrive.

11. Credit Repair - no matter how bad your credit, pay these people and they'll fix it. They generally just advise you how to lie on future credit applications - how to commit fraud in other words.

12. Vacation Prize Promotions - your accommodations will be so bad you'll want to pay for an upgrade. You'll probably have to pay to schedule a vacation atrepparttar 127585 time you want as well.

=> Pyramid Schemes

Make money by recruiting members intorepparttar 127586 program without giving anything of equal value in exchange for membership fees. Contrast MLM (multi-level marketing schemes). These are not pyramid schemes because they involverepparttar 127587 sale of products and services in return for membership.

=> Medical Billing

Prepackaged businesses requiring an investment of $2,000 to $8,000. Few people who purchase one of these "businesses" are able to find clients, start a business and generate revenues. Competition in this area is fierce and concentrated around a few big, well-entrenched firms.

=> Your In Box

Finally, go to your in-box now. You'll find no end of scams sitting right there. Here's one that just arrived in mine ...

"Subject: How to make $1,000,000 in 20 weeks selling to Newcomers onrepparttar 127588 Net"

Like allrepparttar 127589 rest, it getsrepparttar 127590 one-finger salute - index finger torepparttar 127591 delete key. Works beautifully every time.

Where to go for more information on internet scams:

FTC Website



Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical home business ideas for the work-from-home entrepreneur.


Written by Jackie Ulmer

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Find a contact person withrepparttar company that will talk to you. Have a list of questions such as length of time in business, annual revenues, publicly traded or privately held, name of CEO and other company officers, names and contact info for other company representatives that you may call.

Check to see ifrepparttar 127578 company is a member ofrepparttar 127579 Direct Selling Association by visiting their web site at

Check with your state's Attorney's General Office.

See if they are listed with Dun & Bradstreet, and if so, check their rating.

Talk to 3 or 4 representatives and find out how long they have been withrepparttar 127580 company and get general feedback.

If you have foundrepparttar 127581 company or opportunity from a web site, look for contact information ofrepparttar 127582 person owning and representingrepparttar 127583 site.

Make sure you get all of your questions answered to your satisfaction. Don't let anyone pressure you into making a decision.

Find out all up front costs. Also, find out if there are any recurring monthly or annual costs that you can anticipate.

What exactly is expected of you? Are there monthly sales quotas? What do you have to do to get paid? When will you get paid? Is there any fine print that you need to be aware of?

Listen to your gut instincts. They are usually right!

There are many profitable, legal and fun work at home business ideas both online, and offline. Just do your research.

Don't allowrepparttar 127584 "bumps inrepparttar 127585 road" to stop you from findingrepparttar 127586 option that will work for you. Keep me moving inrepparttar 127587 direction that will allow you to create a life that you love! It will happen, just keep looking!

Jackie Ulmer, a veteran Home Based Business Owner, has coached and trained thousands of representatives both inside and outside of her sales organization. One of her primary goals is to help others succeed. She can be reached through her web site at

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