How to Sound Like the Expert You Are

Written by Dina Giolitto

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4. Check your facts. If your article shows promise, someone may very well come along and want to use it in their own marketing presentation. You may be quoted, and your name passed on as an expert in your field. If you intend to be an expert, then take care to back your arguments with solid evidence. There's nothing worse than seeing your article plastered all overrepparttar internet only to learn later that it containedrepparttar 138432 wrong information.

5. Include examples. Here's an example of how to include an example. Let's say you're writing about a weight-loss program. You've already told your reader that countless people have benefited tremendously while onrepparttar 138433 program. Now create a powerful image ofrepparttar 138434 program with three short success stories from real people with real-live testimonials. Examples driverepparttar 138435 point home and build your reputation as an expert!

6. Don't be a rambler. We talked about authors who don't provide enough detail within their articles. An opposite but equally novice offense is to include too much detail! Don't be tempted to go off on tangents that don't relate torepparttar 138436 main idea. When developing your paragraphs and points of interest, followrepparttar 138437 Goldilocks rule: not too long, not too short, but just right. If you feel like taking a portion of your article and going on for pages about it, great! Just be sure to do it in a different article.

7. Proofread. An expert article author always submits flawless work. Always, always, always proofread your writing before you hit Submit. All ofrepparttar 138438 major word processing programs offer spellcheck, so there's no excuse not to use it. Also keep in mind that spellcheck won't always catchrepparttar 138439 error. For example, if you type 'thing' instead of 'think,' your computer will accept 'thing' as a valid word and your mistake will go undetected. So proofread thoroughly with your own two eyes, and be sure that your article is 100% error-free.

Follow these helpful guidelines, and masterrepparttar 138440 art of perfect article-writing! Submit your articles onrepparttar 138441 web, and get free exposure for your website while establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

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Dina Giolitto is a New-Jersey based Copywriting Consultant with ten years of industry experience. Her current focus is web content and web marketing for a multitude of products and services although the bulk of her experience lies in retail for big-name companies like Toys"R"Us. Visit for rates and samples.

How to Choose a Satellite Provider - Part I

Written by Gary Davis

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Both DISH Network and DirecTV offer 100% digital picture and CD quality sound in all of their programming. So again, they are tied in this important quality. This technology allows for a crystal clear perfect picture that cable tv simply cannot provide.

DISH Network, a subsidiary of EchoStar Communications, was founded in 1996 by Charles Ergan. While not quite as old as DirecTV, DISH Network wasrepparttar fastest satellite provider to reachrepparttar 138383 100,000 subscriber level doing so in just four short months. Presently, DISH Network has over Nine million satellite tv subscribers inrepparttar 138384 50 United States and District of Columbia. DISH Network has many 'firsts' to its credit, including beingrepparttar 138385 first company to offer a satellite tv reciever that had a built in DVR (digital video recorder).

DirecTV was begun in 1994 and isrepparttar 138386 largest satellite tv provider inrepparttar 138387 United States. When it first launched in 1994, Direct TV wasrepparttar 138388 first satellite TV company to offer all digital-quality, multi-channel TV programming throughrepparttar 138389 use of direct broadcast satellite (DBS) technology. DBS technology is nowrepparttar 138390 standard forrepparttar 138391 satellite tv industry and we haverepparttar 138392 ingenuity ofrepparttar 138393 DirecTV engineers to thank for it. While DirecTV does not have as large a bandwidth allocation asrepparttar 138394 DISH Network does, to counter this DirecTV has arranged to have to exclusive deals with programming companies to cater torepparttar 138395 programming whims of their subscribers.

Inrepparttar 138396 all important area of customer care, both DirecTV and DISH Network offer outstanding customer care and support. Both offer online Faqs sections and help sections to their websites. You can also call both toll free to get help with any problem you may be having. Pay-Per-View movies may be ordered either by using your remote control or callingrepparttar 138397 800 toll free number for either provider.

Both DirecTV and DISH Network offer free professional installation as part of their free satellite tv promotions. One difference is that DirecTV will install your equipment for free in up to five rooms, where DISH Network presently only installs for free in up to four rooms of your home.

Gary Davis is CEO and Owner of Dish Network Satellite TV and has written extensively on the Satellite TV industry.

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