How to Sharpen your tools

Written by James Curran

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4. Finish offrepparttar blades by giving them a light coat of lubrication oil. Finally I always keep my tools in some kind of sheath. That does two things a. it protectsrepparttar 116331 blades from dirt and other debris and b. it protectsrepparttar 116332 blades ifrepparttar 116333 pruner gets dropped onrepparttar 116334 ground.

Special pruning jobs 1. Anvil type pruners:

Anvil type pruners have only one cutting blade but it important to sharpen both sides equally. Avoid putting a curve onrepparttar 116335 blade's edge because unless it is perfectly straight pieces of plant tissue will cling torepparttar 116336 blade after each cut and it will be harder forrepparttar 116337 plant to heal.

2. By pass loppers

For scissor-action "bypass" lopping shears it is only necessary to sharpenrepparttar 116338 outside surface of each blade. The inside ofrepparttar 116339 lopping shear blade needs to remain flat. The inside ofrepparttar 116340 blade should be cleaned but not sharpened.

General Pruning Tips 1. After you have sharpened you tools, it is a good idea to checkrepparttar 116341 tension screw betweenrepparttar 116342 blades. That is located several different places on most tools but is usually aroundrepparttar 116343 middle of each blade. You should adjustrepparttar 116344 screw to give freedom of movement but make sure that they are close enough together to make good cuts.

2. Over time you may notice thatrepparttar 116345 cutting edge has become rounded or you get a serious nick inrepparttar 116346 blade. It is much easier and more cost effective at this time to just replacerepparttar 116347 blade. I usually recommend that my customers also replacerepparttar 116348 spring atrepparttar 116349 same time they replacerepparttar 116350 blade. Doing these two steps, along with a quick sharpen will restore your pruner to its original glory days.

3. In my tool shed I always keep a rag handy that is dry (and fairly clean) on one end and has some lubrication oil onrepparttar 116351 other end. That way when I put my tools away I never forget to do a quick two step process.

Final Words Having sharp tools to use in your garden really does make your job easier but more than that it is good for your plants. Over time you will easily be able to tell when it is time to sharpen but it is always time to keep them clean and well oiled.

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How long will your pet live?

Written by Dawn Jenness

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The majority-85 to 90%repparttar pet food sold in Canada is manufactured by US-based multinationals. Underrepparttar 116330 terms ofrepparttar 116331 US-Canada Free Trade Agreement, neitherrepparttar 116332 CVMA nor PFAC exercises any control overrepparttar 116333 ingredients in cans of US pet food.

Pet food industry advertising promotesrepparttar 116334 idea that, to keep pets healthy, one must feed them commercially formulated pet foods. But such a diet contributes to cancer, fatal diseases, skin problems, allergies, hypertension, kidney and liver failure, heart disease and dental problems.

WE HAVE THE ANSWER!!! This system was developed by DR. JANE BICKS, a nationally known and highly respected holistic veteriarian with over 30 years of experience. She has written several books on pet care. DR. BICKS wasrepparttar 116335 PRESIDENT ofrepparttar 116336 VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION in NYC, and was appointed by MAYOR RUDOLPH GUILIANI to help startrepparttar 116337 largest animal shelter inrepparttar 116338 United States. Our Product? LIFE'S ABUNDANCE pet foods are manufactured from completely all natural sources. REAL meats, vegetables, vitamins, minerals and of course,repparttar 116339 much needed anti-oxidants. YOU CAN REST ASSURED YOU WILL BE PROVIDED PET FOOD THAT HAS THE HIGHEST QUALITY AND NUTRITIONAL STANDARDS IN THE INDUSTRY. Please!!! If you care about your pet, you owe it to them to find out more. Visit us on-line at:

Give your pet(s)repparttar 116340 happiest, healthiest longest life possible. Please visit us at:

I have done extensive research on the subject of commercial pet foods, and from losing a pet myself to disease, I am determined to educate people on the importance of the ingredients in pet foods, so that hopefully, I can save one more pet.

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