How to Send Emails that Get Opened

Written by Jeremy Hoover

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forum, discussion centred on how Getresponse and Aweber have improved their open and deilverability rates for emails, even as high as 85% for deliverability. One contributor, owner of an autoresponder company, noted that many tricks marketers use to get their messages past spam filters (such as using "f^ree" for "free") are actually backfiring and triggering spam filters, resulting in emails being blocked. Instead, marketers should focus on trick-free, valuable content in their emails.

Apparently, email marketing works muchrepparttar same way as search engine marketing does: inrepparttar 109488 long run, you are rewarded for building (and sending out) trick-free, useful, and informative content.

So how should you build your business? One quality blog post, article, or email at a time.

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Bayesian Filters

Written by Debbie Hamstead

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Bayesian filters are better than traditional content scoring filters in that they are trained by you to recognize your email.

A doctor, for example, might have many emails legitimately usingrepparttar word "Viagra". A traditional content scoring filter would probably shoot that email torepparttar 109487 SPAM folder, or delete it.

This would result in a high false-positive rate forrepparttar 109488 doctor, even if you don't want Viagra emails. The filter will build a list based onrepparttar 109489 doctors email use and corrections to incorrectly marked email.

The initial training period may be a little time consuming, but once complete offers a tailored solution to SPAM control for each user.

In addition to protectingrepparttar 109490 good email,repparttar 109491 filter makes it difficult for Spammers to trick as every filter will have individual requirements.

That being said, Spammers do have a few weapons in their arsenal to attempt to circumvent Bayesian filters. The easiest would be to create SPAM that looks like an everyday letter.

This would remove their ability to use typical marketing techniques and so is not as likely with normal commercial email. Forrepparttar 109492 purveyors of fraud, however, this would be easier.

Spammers could also so weight a message with a common good word, or distortrepparttar 109493 bad ones, that it becomes scored as neutral or lower and get through.

Once correctly marked as SPAM by you, though,repparttar 109494 filter will adjust and not be fooled again. This automation and ability ofrepparttar 109495 software to grow as you and SPAM change over time is key torepparttar 109496 significance of these types of filters.

Widespread use of good Bayesian filters will not only eliminate SPAM on your end, but would reducerepparttar 109497 practice of Spamming altogether. If they cannot getrepparttar 109498 mail through, they are just wasting their time.

Debbie Hamstead is the webmaster of Offering a comprehensive Quick Start Guide to keeping SPAM out of your inbox. She also manages

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