How to Sell Big Ticket Items to an IT Director

Written by Richard Lowe

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We want an enterprise backup package. Why? Tell me what problem we are trying to solve, then tell me how your product solves that problem. Is it going to save us time and money? Is it going to improve reliability? Is your product going to make it easier to restore files? What makes your product shine?

Whatrepparttar salespeople have been doing is telling me to buy their products. They have not been selling. I already know all about their products, their companies and their services. I don't need them to tell me this information again, especially since it already exists on their very own web sites.

No, what I need to know is how are our problems and requirements are met by their products.

Let me give you an example. A few months ago I went intorepparttar 127405 Saturn dealer to buy a new car. The salesperson came over and greeted me personally, then asked me what I was looking for.

As I explained my requirements she asked lots of questions. What kind of financing was I looking for? What color? Did I have kids? A wife? Was I looking for something conservative or flashy? One thing she found out right away is I have a big concern about maintenance costs. Another important issue is comfort. Onrepparttar 127406 other hand,repparttar 127407 look ofrepparttar 127408 car is not all that critical. This question and answer period went on for over an hour. It was pleasant and not stressful by any means - in fact, it was great just tellingrepparttar 127409 gal what I wanted from a car.

Now it was her turn. She spentrepparttar 127410 next hour showing me cars which metrepparttar 127411 specifications and qualifications that I had given her. She showed me underrepparttar 127412 hood, and explained how Saturn cars are easier to maintain than others. She showed me howrepparttar 127413 car is dent-proof by hitting a sample automobile with a hammer.

She didn't spend any time at all onrepparttar 127414 look ofrepparttar 127415 car - she knew (because she listened to me) that this is not very important to me. Instead, she spentrepparttar 127416 time telling me how a particular Saturn model met my needs -repparttar 127417 needs that I had just been telling her.

Needless to say, she gotrepparttar 127418 sale.

Whatrepparttar 127419 computer salespeople have been doing is showing me pictures of computers, sending me specifications and explaining to me how wonderful their products are.

What they should have been doing is listening, then responding. Instead, they were simply presenting canned presentations. Much likerepparttar 127420 Toyota salesperson that I visited only thirty minutes beforerepparttar 127421 Saturn dealer. Needless to say,repparttar 127422 Toyota dealer didn't getrepparttar 127423 sale.

So what'srepparttar 127424 moral of this story? Computer salespeople need to get to work. The fat, lazy days ofrepparttar 127425 last ten years are gone - we are entering a recession folks. Recessions are buyers markets. You've had it easy, now roll up your sleeves and really sell.

The other lesson is equally simple - listen. Once you've listened, ask some questions, then listen some more. Do this until there is nothing else to listen to. NOW, after listening, tell me which of your products best solves those requirements that we have just told you and why.

That's what I want from salespeople.

'Nuff said.

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Written by Ron Sathoff

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2) Share your enthusiasm: Your clients will almost always feel more comfortable when they know they are dealing with a real person -- someone who has feelings and opinions. So, express your feelings when you can and when it's appropriate. If you are really excited about your product or opportunity, tell them WHY. If your business has improved your life dramatically, let your audience seerepparttar joy, gratitude, relief, etc. that you feel (within reason, of course!). Some cynics may say that expressing your feelings is unprofessional, but I say it's just a matter of being a human being, and your customers will appreciate seeing that part of you.

3) Reach out to people: Customers love it when they are treated like people and not just customers. Take some time out of your day and write personal emails to your clients (and NO, auto responders don't count!). These could just be follow-ups, asking how things are going, or to check to make sure that there are no problems with their purchase. When you write these, it might not seem like you are being productive, but you will be surprised byrepparttar 127404 goodwill (and repeat sales) a simple gesture like this can create.

Remember that most sales in this world are made face-to-face in stores, markets and bazaars. One reason why some people may balk at buying onrepparttar 127405 Internet isrepparttar 127406 fact that it seems so impersonal. You can help relieve these anxieties, however, by doing everything you can to show your customers that they are dealing not only with a REAL person, but with a person who hasrepparttar 127407 ability to solve their problems and who enjoys helping them.

Ron Sathoff is a noted speaker and manager of DrNunley's Ron works with business speakers and writers, helping them with their copy-writing, marketing, and Internet promotion. Reach him at or 801-328-9006.

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