How to Save Yourself from Negative Influences

Written by Reed Floren

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This just goes to say that anyone who joins inrepparttar company of a like-minded group will have a big chance of being influenced byrepparttar 150572 personality of that group. So what can you do if you're surrounded by people who deviates from your way of thinking?

You can't just avoid them. They'll think of you as a snob. Don't changerepparttar 150573 way you treat them, but simply learn how to shield out pessimistic comments or suggestions.

Sometimes, they will dictate you to do what you are against to do. Be firm with what you believe in. Do not let them affect your decisions. You know that you can do what they thought would be impossible. If you have to sufferrepparttar 150574 ridicule, so be it. You will haverepparttar 150575 last laugh anyway.

Moreover, you should be with people who haverepparttar 150576 same principles and ideologies as you do. You will be more encouraged to continue your dreams if you have a support group or mentor who will prod you to pursue your goals despiterepparttar 150577 setbacks.

When I was starting my internet endeavors, no one (and I mean not even one) of my relatives and friends believed me. But I did not let their discouragement stop me from becoming successful.

I remained firm in my quest to make a living online. I made friends with respected internet marketers who sharedrepparttar 150578 same vision as mine. They have also experiencedrepparttar 150579 same treatment from non-believers; but they have proven that whatrepparttar 150580 mind can conceive, it can achieve. Through their help, I was able to put aside my doubts and achieve my goals.

You haverepparttar 150581 power to make your dreams a reality. Now showrepparttar 150582 world what stuff you are made of.

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4 Brilliant Tips to Speed Read Faster than Ever

Written by Reed Floren

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4) Practice, practice, practice.

When I started exercising with weights, I can only liftrepparttar lighter ones. Asrepparttar 150571 time goes by, I slowly add more and more weights as my body tends to adjust and become more comfortable carrying heavier ones.

The same concept goes for speed reading. Set a goal. Figure out how fast you can read, then create a plan to increase your ability.

If you can read 200 words per minute, set a goal to read 250 words a minute. After accomplishing this feat, set a goal to read 300 words per minute.

This takes time and practice, butrepparttar 150572 effort is all worth it. If this is your first time to set such a goal, read first those materials you are familiar with.

Carry on with more difficult ones as you progress. This way, you're not overwhelming yourself with understanding different new words and atrepparttar 150573 same time developing your speed reading skills.

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