How to Research Before Joining a Rewards Program

Written by Patricia Taylor

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4. Get to know where you are submitting your personal information to. Do a WHOIS via to see whorepparttar webmaster is, whenrepparttar 140851 domain is set to expire, whererepparttar 140852 host is from, etc.

5. Use forums to your advantage. Ask other members what their experience is, do a search through BeenPaid's forums andrepparttar 140853 popular forums like: and readrepparttar 140854 information onrepparttar 140855 programs both onrepparttar 140856 bad and good side and decide if that is something that you want for you.

6. Finally use your common sense. The damage that has been done to this industry byrepparttar 140857 influx of programs with dishonorable intentions is onrepparttar 140858 rise. Sustainable programs cannot compete with their ad pricing; advertisers are spending their dollars wherever they can find low rates; sustainable programs aren't getting advertisers for these reasons; members are joining these lemons and promoting them allrepparttar 140859 while forgetting aboutrepparttar 140860 tried but true.

You can end this vicious circle but it starts with you making better choices. And if you've joined one of these programs, it's never too late to quit ;)

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How to Write an Effective Product Review

Written by Rosalind Gardner

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If you've experiencedrepparttar problem yourself, say so. Describe your experience, and show understanding and compassion forrepparttar 140757 reader's plight. Speaking from real experience earns your readers' trust which always improves sales rates.

If you have trouble figuring out how your reader might be affected by his problem, then you can research that online too.

For example, I searched Google for "hate acne" and came across, where one young woman lamented, "My sh%tty skin is seriously ruining my social life and my relationships with men. I'm avoiding it all just cuz I don't want to show my face. Its really sad. I also spend a lot of money on make up. I'm not even asking forrepparttar 140758 most perfect skin (even though it would be nice) but even if I was limited to just a couple zits....and then it would take me under 30 mins to get ready....I would never be home, and I would go back to livingrepparttar 140759 life that I ohh so miss."

That gives you a pretty clear picture of how she feels, right?

Now address those concerns using emotive terms and you'll improve your conversion rates.

Here's an example.

Rather than say, "Product A will cure your acne", start with a question that appeals to your reader's emotion, such as "Is acne ruining your social life? Scared to leaverepparttar 140760 house - or even show your face? There IS a solution to your plight."

That introduction brings us torepparttar 140761 next question which is, 'What doesrepparttar 140762 product promise?'

Doesrepparttar 140763 product curerepparttar 140764 problem? Does it work faster, or with less hassle and expense?

You found answers to that question during your product research. In this section you simply summarize your findings.

Next, answerrepparttar 140765 third set of questions, "How well doesrepparttar 140766 product solverepparttar 140767 problem?", "what does it do?" and "how does it work?" based on your product research.

Results arerepparttar 140768 most important information, so it's not necessary to provide nitty gritty details about how you userepparttar 140769 product or what it's made of or how it is packaged, etc. unlessrepparttar 140770 merchant does not supply that information on their site, and you considerrepparttar 140771 information of importance to your reader.

Too, we're all aware that no product is perfect, so don't go overboard and write a completely glowing, one-sided review. To makerepparttar 140772 product review balanced and fair, detail what you do and don't like aboutrepparttar 140773 product. If you want to avoid negative statements when outlining your dislikes, try phrasingrepparttar 140774 sentence like "although I'd prefer a slightly less greasy formula..." or "althoughrepparttar 140775 bottle lacks a pump dispenser..." and finish on a positive note.

Lastly, make a value statement. For example, "While Product A and B both eliminate most acne problems in 30 days, Product A wins our 'best value' award priced at $20 less per bottle. Or, if you're writing a single product review, you could say something like, "Acme's Acne Product would be great value even at twicerepparttar 140776 price, but at this price it can't be beat!"

For even better conversions, be sure to include a product graphic on your product review webpage, and a testimonial or two from users that you solicit through your site or use with permission from your merchant partner's site.

In summary, tell your visitors what you would say to a friend if you were telling them about a product that you found and liked. That approach will make writing reviews easier and your friendly attitude will push your conversion rates throughrepparttar 140777 roof!

Article by Rosalind Gardner, author of the best-selling "Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online". To learn how you too can suceed in Internet and affiliate marketing, go to:

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