How to Recognize Great Ads (that Are Generating Leads!)

Written by Daryl Logullo | Strategic Impact!

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1.Analyze your ads. What do they say? How do they say it? What is your headline? Does your ad present a U.S.P? Do you state your offer? 2.Know your basic offer, headline and copy that workrepparttar best. Now try to IMPROVE them. 3.Leverage your marketing. Take your best ad and start testing differing versions against one another. Keeprepparttar 105936 variablesrepparttar 105937 same, but changerepparttar 105938 headline. 4.Review 6 features to see if your ad has: ·A strong headline/opening thrusts ·A story or pitch ·A proposition ·The exact offer ·A guarantee (to shiftrepparttar 105939 prospects risk) ·A call to action

Great advertising means being able to find different ways of sayingrepparttar 105940 same thing. Start by experimenting with new restatements of your most winning headline.

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