How to Receive Payments for Your Online Sales

Written by Nowshade Kabir

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Cost: No monthly fee. No setup fees. No cancellation fees. Transaction Fees are 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 US$.

PayPal as an Additional Payment Option: If you already have a merchant account and you would like to add PayPal to your existing payment solutions, you can use this option.

If you are planning to sell products through eBay, you definitely should have PayPal option. According to eBay, three out of four eBay customers choose to pay by PayPal.

When you use PayPal as your primary processor, make sure that you have at least one more alternative payment solution handy. The reason is many disgruntled former users of PayPal claim that PayPal might freeze your account anytime without any apparent reason. Read for more information.

However, According to a new report, Merchant losses from fraud on PayPal are now only 0.17% of revenues, vs. 1.8% for online merchants that accept credit cards through merchant accounts. This gives one more reason to use PayPal.


If you are facing problems to get a merchant account due torepparttar factor that you are not located inrepparttar 146473 US, WorldPay could berepparttar 146474 solution for you. WorldPay is a one-stop solution for your merchant account, payment gateway and store front. The payment option comes with fraud protection and risk management applications to safeguard your business. Based in England, WorldPay is a division of Royal Bank of Scotland.

Cost: If you compare with PayPal, WorldPay’s fees are pretty stiff. 50 US$ monthly fee. 400 US$ setup fee. Transaction Fees are 3.25% + $0.40 US$. The charge for multicurrency processing is 5.25% per transaction.

2Checkout works as an online distribution center. When customer buys a product from your website through 2checkout, you actually make your sale to 2checkout for immediate resale to your customer. Customers are billed by 2checkout not you. 2checkout accepts vendors from virtually all overrepparttar 146475 world. You can also set up recurring billing through 2checkout.

Cost: No monthly fee. 49 US$ setup fee. Transaction Fee: 5.5% + $0.30 US$.


For selling e-books, reports and other similar digital products, is probably your best option. The great thing about ClickBank is it has over 100 thousand affiliates promoting products available onrepparttar 146476 ClickBank marketplace. By listing your product with ClickBank, you automatically tap into a huge potential market. ClickBank accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

Cost: 50 US$ set up fee. Depending onrepparttar 146477 percentage ofrepparttar 146478 commission you pay to your affiliates, transaction fee varies from 2.5% plus 0.33 US$ to 7.5% plus 1 US$.

There are many other third party processing companies available onrepparttar 146479 Internet. Two of them worth mentioning are and

Since fees fluctuate considerably from one solution to another depending on your location, products and other needs, make sure to do a thorough research before signing up with any ofrepparttar 146480 mentioned providers.

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If You Lost 70% of Your New Customers, Would You Notice?

Written by Lynella Grant

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Where didrepparttar Customers Go?

Many factors influence where and what a person decides to buy. Althoughrepparttar 146472 Yellow Pages are no longer an automatic part ofrepparttar 146473 loop, many buyers consult bothrepparttar 146474 Internet andrepparttar 146475 directory, not relying on either one alone. However, many shoppers only call Yellow Page ads that show a website, even it they don’t intend to visit it. It goes torepparttar 146476 credibility issue. What’s different? - Buyers are less trusting and more willing to shop around - Availability of Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) - Expanded options and more ways to find them - Aging population usesrepparttar 146477 Yellow Pages differently than young people - Development of unique, narrow niches and specialties - More choices for a "better deal" - Increased immigrants and those from other cultures, unaccustomed to Yellow Page use - Larger cities with multiple directories, rather than one large one - Local search, wherebyrepparttar 146478 search engines locate suppliers by zip code, state, city, region

Time for a Reality Check - Can You Find Yourself?

The next time you go online (or have a friend walk you through it), see how you rate in some local searches. Conduct a query in Google (then Yahoo, and MSN). Enter your type of business + Your town (“Pet Stores” + Scottsdale, Arizona).

Does your business show up? How many of your competitors are on that list? How many are ahead of you? That list is what your “missing customers” are likely to see when they’re ready to spend their money. Does that experience motivate you to make a better Local Search showing?

Next, check out whether your business appears in various Internet Yellow Pages (IYP). Work your way downrepparttar 146479 list:

Start noticing how visible you are to customers researching their local options online. You really can’t afford to missrepparttar 146480 boat.

Dr. Lynella Grant Author, Yellow Page Smarts: Make more money from your directory ad in tandem with your website Smarter ways to attract more YP customers. Local Search resources Off the Page Press (719) 395-9450

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