How to Really Create a Startup Disk

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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Now when you boot fromrepparttar startup disk, your real-mode CD ROM driver will automatically be installed, allowing you to readrepparttar 107859 CD in DOS.

=> Copy These Special Files to Your Startup Disk

On all Windows 9x/Me systems you should copyrepparttar 107860 important configuration files system.dat and user.dat from your Windows folder to your startup disk. First make sure your system is configured to show hidden files: In Windows Explorer View menu selectrepparttar 107861 View tab and checkrepparttar 107862 Show All Files radio button.

The file system.dat is a database for your computer's hardware. The file user.dat is a database for user settings. These two files combine to formrepparttar 107863 elusive Windows Registry.

The configuration files config.sys, autoexec.bat (directly under C:), win.ini and system.ini (inrepparttar 107864 Windows folder) are legacy files for compatiblility with Windows 3.1. They are not required for Windows 95 and higher, but if you find them on your computer it may be because you are running some older 16 bit software. If you find any of them on your computer, place a copy on your startup floppy disk.

=> Test Your Startup Disk

When you have completed your Startup Disk, you should test it. To do that, restart your computer withrepparttar 107865 floppy disk inrepparttar 107866 drive. After your computer starts, you should end up withrepparttar 107867 A: prompt onrepparttar 107868 screen. If it doesn't work, checkrepparttar 107869 boot order configuration in your computers BIOS setup. Make sure thatrepparttar 107870 floppy drive isrepparttar 107871 first boot device.

Windows 98 displays a menu allowing you to select to start with or without CD support. It then creates a RAM drive and assigns itrepparttar 107872 first avalable drive letter. Therefore,repparttar 107873 drive designation of your CD ROM drive may be different. The same files available on a Windows 95 startup disk are then expanded torepparttar 107874 RAM drive.

Place any CD ROM disc in your CD ROM drive and type in D: (or whatever letter is assigned to your CD drive). You should getrepparttar 107875 D: prompt. If you getrepparttar 107876 D: prompt, type in DIR. You should get a list ofrepparttar 107877 contents ofrepparttar 107878 CD inrepparttar 107879 drive.

If your Startup disk worked okay, you now haverepparttar 107880 capability to startrepparttar 107881 computer fromrepparttar 107882 floppy drive in DOS mode. You may not totally understand how to userepparttar 107883 files on your Startup Disk to restore your computer, but a technician who helps restore your computer will be glad you saved them. ---------------------------------------------------------- Resource Box: Copyright(C)2002 Bucaro TecHelp. To learn how to maintain your computer and use it more effectively to design a Web site and make money onrepparttar 107884 Web visit To subscribe to Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter Send a blank email to ----------------------------------------------------------


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