How to Read Job Ads

Written by Dagmar Rakos

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"you feel like an essential member of a corporate family" -> translation: *You are not going to tell our secrets torepparttar tax office, right?*

"you are responsible and dependable" -> translation: *We expect you to keep your mouth shut no matter what you see, what we do/don't do!*

"willing to work hard" -> translation: *Slavery,repparttar 118232 legal way.*

"extremely busy environment" -> translation: *We are understaffed!*

"friendly customer service" -> translation: *You are mentally challenged and smiling to it!*

"outstanding customer support service" -> translation: *You have an experience as a lion tamer or at least as a high school teacher!*

"ability to work in a challenging environment" -> translation: *You can always B.S. your way out!*

"positive outlook" -> translation: *What? You expect us to actually pay you for your work?!*

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Don't You Know Who I Am?

Written by Stephen Schochet

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Notoriety can get you out of a jam. Tired of being identified as James Bond, Sean Connery took an unusual step for Hollywood leading man by publicly revealing his baldness on screen, beginning with The Man Who Will Be King (1976). On location in Casablanca,repparttar Scotsman rejectedrepparttar 118231 use of a chauffer and limo, choosing instead to drive himself in Volkswagen Bug. One day he drove around town dressed in a sweat shirt and shorts and was stopped for questioning byrepparttar 118232 local police. The former Mr. Universe runner-up had unfortunately left his passport back atrepparttar 118233 hotel and was arrested as a suspicious character. Just as he was about to be locked up, Connery shouted,"007! I'm 007 damn you!" They recognized him and let him go.

If you lose your hair, you can keep your privacy. Rob Reiner's big break was Harrison Ford turning downrepparttar 118234 role of Meathead on All Inrepparttar 118235 Family (1971-1980) because Ford couldn't stand Archie Bunker's bigotry. Whenrepparttar 118236 show first went into production, Reiner and his fellow castmates would leaverepparttar 118237 CBS lot to eat lunch atrepparttar 118238 neighboring Farmers Market. Initial low ratings meant they were mostly ignored byrepparttar 118239 tourists. A few months later All Inrepparttar 118240 Family was a monster hit and they received Beatle's like attention. From then onrepparttar 118241 cast generally preferred to stay in their dressing rooms at lunchtime. All exceptrepparttar 118242 ever hungry Meathead who removedrepparttar 118243 toupee he wore onrepparttar 118244 show and continued to eat atrepparttar 118245 Market in peace.

Stephen Schochet is the author and narrator of the audiobooks Fascinating Walt Disney and Tales Of Hollywood. The Saint Louis Post Dispatch says," these two elaborate productions are exceptionally entertaining." Hear realaudio samples of these great, unique gifts at

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