How to Raise House Plants from Seeds Easily

Written by Balaji B

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Each dayrepparttar glass should be reversed to preventrepparttar 142965 condensed moisture from dripping on torepparttar 142966 soil, and setting up decay. As soon asrepparttar 142967 seedlings appear, however,repparttar 142968 paper covering must he removed and ventilation ofrepparttar 142969 receptacle begun. The glass covering should therefore be tilted slightly. This is conveniently done by means ofrepparttar 142970 plant label, andrepparttar 142971 amount of air is increased in this way untilrepparttar 142972 covering can be removed altogether.

Pricking outrepparttar 142973 seedlings

As soon asrepparttar 142974 seedlings have developed their first true leaves they are pricked out ˝ inch apart in pots of fertile compost such as John Innes Potting Mixture No. 1, and immediately watered in. They are shaded from bright sunlight until they are established. This generally takes 7-14 days, after which they are given more light and air. The 'cuttings' are taken inrepparttar 142975 usual way, by severing them just below a node (where a leaf is inserted inrepparttar 142976 stem). They are then fixed inrepparttar 142977 mouths of small-necked bottles where they remain suspended. The bottles are filled to within a fraction of an inch ofrepparttar 142978 top ofrepparttar 142979 necks with water, preferably rain water.

To prevent green scum (algae) forming inrepparttar 142980 water, it is best to place a few small lumps of charcoal in it. If this operation is done inrepparttar 142981 spring,repparttar 142982 bottles of 'cuttings' can be set onrepparttar 142983 window-sill, and roots will form in a few weeks. Potting must be done immediately roots begin to form.

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How To Create An Oasis of Serenity With a Backyard Garden Hot Tub

Written by Garry John

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What arerepparttar zoning regulations in your area?

In many townships and cities, outdoor backyard hot tubs requirerepparttar 142896 same protections as swimming pools. The regulations may require a locked privacy fence around your garden, or at least aroundrepparttar 142897 hot tub itself to prevent accidental drowning.

How large a hot tub do you want?

A two-person hot tub is cozy and romantic, but garden hot tubs can spark some wonderful entertaining and parties. Will you want to inviterepparttar 142898 neighbors or workmates to party with you in your garden hot tub once in a while? A 4-8 person tub isn’t that much more expensive, and gives yourepparttar 142899 option of coziness and entertainment.

Should you choose an in-ground or above ground garden hot tub?

The choice is strictly a matter of preference. In-ground garden hot tubs can blend intorepparttar 142900 landscaping in your back yard – but withrepparttar 142901 proper surrounds (a garden gazebo? A glass conservatory?) so can an above ground hot spa tub. Price is another consideration here – an in-ground hot tub will require excavation that will make both construction and maintenance more costly.

What can I do in a garden or back yard hot tub?

Ah, now – do you really need ME to tell you that? Simply enjoy!

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