How to REALLY backup the Windows Registry

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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attrib -s -h -r system.dat attrib -s -h -r user.dat copy system.dat c: copy user.dat c: attrib +s +h +r system.dat attrib +s +h +r user.dat

Note: if your system is Windows Me, also back up classes.dat

Then removerepparttar startup disk and restart your system.

Why did I put you through such a laborious method just to make a copy of two files? Could you just use Windowís Explorer to copyrepparttar 107857 files? Could you userepparttar 107858 Registry Editor (Regedit) to back uprepparttar 107859 registry (or Windows Me System Restore)?

Yes, you could. But what if your system crashed so that it canít even start in Safe Mode? Then you canít use any of those Windows programs to restorerepparttar 107860 registry. I put you throughrepparttar 107861 DOS method to make sure:

1. The boot sequence in your BIOS is setup to boot fromrepparttar 107862 A: drive. 2. You haverepparttar 107863 minimum proficiency with DOS to restorerepparttar 107864 registry if required. 3. To make sure that you have a copy of attrib.exe on your startup disk.

To restorerepparttar 107865 registry, start your system with your startup disk. Use DOS to change torepparttar 107866 c:windows directory. Then type inrepparttar 107867 following commands.

attrib -s -h -r system.dat attrib -s -h -r user.dat del system.dat del user.dat cd copy system.dat c:windows copy user.dat c:windows cd windows attrib +s +h +r system.dat attrib +s +h +r user.dat

Then removerepparttar 107868 startup disk and restart your system.

My advice is to frequently use Windows Explorer to make copies ofrepparttar 107869 registry files. Make copies ofrepparttar 107870 registry files before you install any hardware or software or make any changes torepparttar 107871 registry. Make sure you are prepared to use your startup disk and DOS to restorerepparttar 107872 registry. ---------------------------------------------------------- Resource Box: Copyright(C)2002 Bucaro TecHelp. To learn how to maintain your computer and use it more effectively to design a Web site and make money onrepparttar 107873 Web visit To subscribe to Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter Send a blank email to


Don't Upgrade Operating Systems!

Written by Paulina Roe

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If you want to take a chance on keeping your errors, then install overrepparttar first operating system. It won't fix errors, but it won't in all likelihood destroy all your data, either. The only way to get allrepparttar 107856 errors off is to format your hard drive and reinstall. By formatting, you WILL lose ALL your files on that drive. Neither choice is very appealing, to tellrepparttar 107857 truth.

I opt for a clean slate - back everything up and reinstallrepparttar 107858 full operating system plus all your drivers and software. I have been working on a SICK laptop for 2 weeks - because of a dirty upgrade. I had to format and reinstall everything. Once I did that, we didn't have a driver, so my partner upgradedrepparttar 107859 Windows 98 - but there was NO WAY to get it to work correctly again. So I re-formatted and reinstalled everything again. Now that I won't let him touch it anymore, it works like a charm, and we turn it back to its owner repaired. (Oh yes - and still able to get support fromrepparttar 107860 company because it has its original operating system in it - they will not support it if we upgrade!)

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