How to Quickly Gain Traffic to Your New Web Site

Written by Herman Drost

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4. Submit torepparttar top search engine directories – many ofrepparttar 135792 top directories have good link popularity that can be passed on to your site. They also have specific category pages that are related torepparttar 135793 nature of your site. The major directories include The Open Directory, Yahoo and Zeal.

The Open Directory is one ofrepparttar 135794 largest that is still free, however it can take months or even years to get listed. If you become an editor for Zeal you can get your site listed free. Yahoo costs $299.00/year to be included. It is worth it if you can afford it.

Here’s a couple of articles on how to properly submit your site torepparttar 135795 search engine directories:

5. Submit to specialty search engine directories – you may wonder why I haven’t mentioned submitting torepparttar 135796 major search engines. When you work on buildingrepparttar 135797 link popularity of your site, it automatically places you inrepparttar 135798 main search engines. Once you have submitted your site torepparttar 135799 main directories, find specialized directories related to your business. Here’s a good resource:

You can also researchrepparttar 135800 link partners of your competitors’ sites by entering your favorite keyword inrepparttar 135801 search engines. Once you have found a number of top ranked sites, downloadrepparttar 135802 Google toolbar and check their back links. This can save you a lot of time researching other areas to find quality links.

Once your site been indexed byrepparttar 135803 search engines and included inrepparttar 135804 directories, focus on adding more content and continue building your link popularity. This will help you to maintain and/or increase rankings withrepparttar 135805 result of gaining more traffic to your new web site.

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The "REAL" info products secret and how to get out of the cycle.

Written by Ed Charkow

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Let's summarize: 1.) You purchase e-books and info products for secrets that will tell you how to make money onrepparttar web. 2.) You don't do anything withrepparttar 135743 information, because you don't haverepparttar 135744 skills or thousands of dollars. 3.) You buy whateverrepparttar 135745 guy sells you onrepparttar 135746 backend because that first e-book you read was great (and your hoping this one will give yourepparttar 135747 missing pieces).

How do you get out ofrepparttar 135748 cycle? 1.) Admit that you have wasted a lot of time and money on something that doesn't work for you since you don't haverepparttar 135749 skills required. 2.) Decide if you want to learnrepparttar 135750 skills required to create a niche website, e-book, or info product. If you DON'T want to learn all that stuff, decide to have someone make it for you. There are companies like Stmadeveloper that will help you make those ideas a reality for less than some of those info products you wasted your money on. 3.) Give up, recognizerepparttar 135751 fact that you aren't ever going to do anything on-line to make money. Just stop doingrepparttar 135752 cycle..... you are smarter than that and they are preying on your hope.

There is really only one true secret to making money onrepparttar 135753 web. Get a space of your own, make it valuable to others, make it "sell," and promote it through effective methods.

Good luck on your journey.

Ed Charkow is a leading marketer for several companies and has helped many start their own presence on the Internet at an affordable rate. You can contact Ed at

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