How to Put Some Sizzle in Your Summer Parties

Written by Kim Kristofferson-Magnusson

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3) When you’rerepparttar host, think of allrepparttar 146949 party-goers…

When you’re hosting a “bring your whole family” outdoor soiree, don’t forget to think ofrepparttar 146950 “little people”…ifrepparttar 146951 children are happy,repparttar 146952 moms and dads are happy too, so be well-prepared with activities to keep little hands busy. Try setting up a ping-pong table onrepparttar 146953 patio, whererepparttar 146954 future sports stars can organize a tournament. Croquet is an old, lady-like game that evenrepparttar 146955 toughest of tomboys will love. Even a sprinkler will do in a pinch…

4) Favours are not just for weddings!

Don’t you just love those little “take-me-home’s” at weddings…little seedlings to plant, inscribed golf balls to better your score… When hosting a BBQ or outdoor event, favours are a perfect end torepparttar 146956 evening and will serve as a reminder of your fun and frivolity. Why not try making your own BBQ sauce or marinade for guests to take home? Buy a bunch of brightly-colored plastic sand pails to fill with shells and rocks collected on your stretch of beach, or even a festive silk lei, sure to bring warmth overrepparttar 146957 long winter ahead.

5) Have Fun!!

The most important part of any great party is that you celebrate your wonderful family and friends who have come together. You don’t need an excuse, just gather your pals for great laughs, good music, and reminiscing, and voila…the stage is set for some sizzling!

About the Author: Kim Kristofferson-Magnusson

Kim Kristofferson-Magnusson is the founder of Lovergirl Promotions, a company that designs fun and funky Tshirts for women celebrating “life’s little luxuries”. Sign up for our popular monthly newsletter at for a chance to win a free Tshirt.

Tom Cruise is Right?

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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His knowledge ofrepparttar Groom Lake AFB confirmedrepparttar 146948 statements of Bob Lazar aboutrepparttar 146949 design and interior ofrepparttar 146950 structures so I knew Lazar had been telling truth whilerepparttar 146951 official statements making him seem a liar were one step away from making him a true non-person. He was impressed with my idea aboutrepparttar 146952 use of polarized computer directed ESP bandwidth propulsion and wasn’t surerepparttar 146953 McDonnell Douglas guy had told merepparttar 146954 truth about their exploration of these possibilities. Tesla andrepparttar 146955 Unified Force Field made their appearance on a stage that includes a mysterious frontispiece to a treatise on Time Travel that arrived on my last wife’s computer after our first visit to Chichen Itza where I had discovered something that led to my being threatened with a Mexican prison in 1997. The whole ‘trip’ caused me to lose all I owned and made it clear to me that Mother Nature isn’trepparttar 146956 only aspect of reality that we aren’t supposed to fool with.

Loose Ends:

My brother John and I have had some heated arguments about aliens, space travel andrepparttar 146957 Time aspects since I first read Psychic Discoveries Behindrepparttar 146958 Iron Curtain and sent away torepparttar 146959 Library of Congress for Russian scientist and mathematician Dr. Kozyrev’s paper on Time. That was inrepparttar 146960 70s and since then I have been hot onrepparttar 146961 trail. You can imagine my satisfaction when NEC delivered its resounding blow onrepparttar 146962 speed of light. The Italians had used mirrors and optics to make 1.25 timesrepparttar 146963 speed of light inrepparttar 146964 past decade but this isrepparttar 146965 clincher. Time warps, affinity points, Stargates, Worm Holes andrepparttar 146966 cloaking experiments ofrepparttar 146967 Philadelphia Experiment had always cheesed off my brother who worried about my sanity like many others (no doubt). After all who am I? Who can show a sheepskin that proves they know as much as I do, has always been my unstated thought; but people really pick up on my ‘know it all’ attitudes. What is wrong with trying to learn anyway? It has always beenrepparttar 146968 way with me. Pompous Ass, Geek, or Egghead though I may be; I am filled with a purpose now and I now longer dumb down torepparttar 146969 masses.

At this pointrepparttar 146970 uninitiated reader must be reeling and rocking just as many of my friends have done for years when I confront their projections and tell them it is THEY who are acting as know-it-alls. I seldom engage inrepparttar 146971 proving of scraps of non-earth metallic material that is flexible and strong or any ofrepparttar 146972 UFO stuff. That is all part ofrepparttar 146973 credibility management game employed by Intelink or other psy-ops agencies who would like SDI to manage all Earthians through thought-cloning developed by Jose Delgado at Yale and continued through DIA research and Dr. Michael Persinger. Read Information Warfare by Georgetown professors if you want to get a small glimpse of mainstream ethics. My brother John has found my sanity is not so questionable anymore now that he has been forced to facerepparttar 146974 facts. Here is a list of questions that I propose we all need to be concerned about.

1) If time travel exists with dimensional dematerialization for masters of adept arts – What ethics and level of control have existed to prevent major alteration of our time line inrepparttar 146975 past? Wasrepparttar 146976 Dark Ages pursuit of heretics aimed at stopping uncontrolled proliferation of such knowledge? Or was it being used byrepparttar 146977 inner sanctum Merovingians to make us “food for their table” as HRH Nicholas de Vere says in his own book though not in his foreword to Gardner’s Genesis ofrepparttar 146978 Grail Kings?

2) What can any of us do? Is it already too late? Certainly if Time Travel is possible we can undo what they have wrought.

3) What alliances have been made with future people such as those who contacted me onrepparttar 146979 computer that was shut down while Barbi and I were in Chichen Itza in 1993? I still am not sure about that, but how else does something get into personal files of a computer that is shut down? What is their plan and arerepparttar 146980 aliens hostile to our early earth colonizers of space? Was Kissinger speaking literally or just joking aboutrepparttar 146981 Intergalactic Brotherhood?

4) Does Time Travel ever exist without severe dissociation such as various Montauk books andrepparttar 146982 Philadelphia Experiment illustrated. I know a person who has seen Al Bielek’s Time Machine but am not sure it does more than viewing like a ‘Stone’. Tesla’s great grand niece worked for me and she couldn’t say why he quitrepparttar 146983 Philadelphia Experiment but I think he was able to see how unethical governments would use this technology. Checkrepparttar 146984 provenance ofrepparttar 146985 RCA Corporation radio equipment known as FRR 24 and ask how did it develop from what had been known before?

5) Do we all need tachyon devices to stop remote hypnosis and thought cloning? Wouldrepparttar 146986 Church of Scientology or other organizations use these things against us even ifrepparttar 146987 DIA which has 5 timesrepparttar 146988 CIA budget wouldn’t? The independent science councils do not think SDI’s stated purpose against Korea andrepparttar 146989 like has any validity.

6) What should be obvious to all observers of ethics in government and big business, (Enron, BCCI, S &L, Iran/Contra, Opium Wars – just to name a few associated withrepparttar 146990 Bush paladins ofrepparttar 146991 Russell Merovingians) is that no more ‘organized’ criminals walkrepparttar 146992 streets than those sitting at Board Room tables or Stock Exchanges. The Economist correctly states in their millennium issue that all bureaucracy coming after Napoleon andrepparttar 146993 standing armies he necessitated are “inhumane”.

7) The big lie (!) is an effective tool to ridicule or circumvent naïve, good and trusting people. Watch out for a MATRIX or worse. Give serious thought to shooting all gurus who need you to follow them. Asrepparttar 146994 movie Network said – “I’m mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

Willrepparttar 146995 human race achieverepparttar 146996 necessary critical mass of awareness to “make it so”, as Jean Luc Picard is wont to say on Star Trek? We must endrepparttar 146997 program called education or at least throw it out in exchange for one that does something other than put glorified baby-sitters without authority in an untenable situation. The hands of teachers must not be tied andrepparttar 146998 result should be determined byrepparttar 146999 attendance and collective interest rather than forced participation. Learning should not end at some specified age andrepparttar 147000 one pie Malthusian ethic must be dumped.

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