How to Protect Yourself & Your Business

Written by Vishal P. Rao

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2. Don't Be Naive

So many people in business get burned by their customers simply because they are too trusting. For example, some of you may have shipped products beforerepparttar customers' payments cleared. Or you may have completed agreed upon work without asking for a deposit. Both are risky propositions as many new entrepreneurs discoverrepparttar 117211 hard way, especially if they do business online.

You can protect yourself by always asking for a partial payment in advance and by always waiting until a customer's payment has cleared before you ship their products. Another method of protecting yourself and your customer is by using a service such as to handle your transactions. The service protects you from non-paying customers and offers your customers protection for lost, damaged, or unshipped products.

3. Know Your Local Laws

One ofrepparttar 117212 best ways to protect yourself is by becoming informed. When you know your legal rights, you'll have a better understanding of how to effectively deal with troublesome customers.

For example, some states don't allow you to limit a customer's right to return a product beyond a certain time limit, so you may not legally be able to enforce a guarantee of only one week. Onrepparttar 117213 other hand, if you know your rights, then you'll also understand what steps to take in case legal action on your part is necessary.

For instance, you may want to send a certified letter demanding payment before you file a lawsuit. Additionally, if you appear knowledgeable about your rights, many customers might think twice before failing to pay or committing fraud.

The bottom line is that you deserve to be protected just as much as your customers. A few advance precautions now can ensure that you'll have a long and satisfying business relationship with your customers.

Vishal P. Rao is the editor of Home Based Business Opportunities - A website dedicated to opportunities, ideas and resources to help you start and run a home based business. Visit him at:

Guide to free advertising

Written by Rebecca Gilbert

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It wasn't long before I had several paying customers and was bringing in a small monthly income from my small internet business. I often try to teach this method to my members who cannot to pay for advertising to start out with...without much luck unfortunately. Many will not sacrifice their time to this extent, or they will run one ad onrepparttar internet and expect to get uprepparttar 117210 next morning and be a millionaire. For those of you who don't haverepparttar 117211 money to invest, you will HAVE to invest your TIME. How much is your time worth? Many are drawing 6-figure incomes fromrepparttar 117212 internet within 2-5 years. The internet has made more millionaires fromrepparttar 117213 average Joe than any other vessel in history. Is 2-5 years a hard pill to swallow? It shouldn't be. How many of you are going to work your nine to five job for 40-50 years and have nothing to show for it? Am I still running free ads? No, I'm not. I took my very first paycheck that I earned from free advertising and put it back into paid advertising. I can reach a vast number of customers with paid ads with no effort on my part at all. Instead, my time has been filled with teaching others to do as I have done, and building my own business day by day. Not a day has gone by inrepparttar 117214 last year and a half where I have not built onto my business. I started out running free ads, then I moved on to paid ads, ppc's, email lists, enzine ads, then I built and optimized my own website, got link partners, got listed withrepparttar 117215 search engines, etc... If you want to turn your life around and live without any financial constraints, thenrepparttar 117216 internet isrepparttar 117217 place to be. All it will take is patience, persistence andrepparttar 117218 will to succeed on your part. Best Wishes for your future success and prosperity! Sincerely, Rebecca Gilbert ********************************************************************* Rebecca Gilbert has been an successful network marketer since July, 2002. Visit her at: Rebecca will show you step by step how to create a successful internet business of your own. *********************************************************************

Rebecca Gilbert has been an successful network marketer since July, 2002. Visit her at: Rebecca will show you step by step how to create a successful internet business of your own.

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