How to Protect Yourself Against the Hidden Cost of Shipping to Trade Shows

Written by Paul Buisson

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When countingrepparttar cost to participate as a vendor in a trade show remember to budget forrepparttar 150622 waiting time. There is only one trade show Logistics Company I know of that doesn’t charge any wait times. They charge a little more onrepparttar 150623 front end, but they accept all ofrepparttar 150624 risk ofrepparttar 150625 wait time charges. All ofrepparttar 150626 other trade show logistics services do pass onrepparttar 150627 waiting fees ofrepparttar 150628 carriers.

There are some carriers that inflaterepparttar 150629 waiting time charges consistently. Let’s say a driver had four shipments to a convention center in New York and had to wait four hours to unload his truck. The ethical thing to do would be to charge each shipment a one hour waiting fee. Since none ofrepparttar 150630 four shippers knows how longrepparttar 150631 driver must wait or how many shipments are being delivered there is no recourse forrepparttar 150632 shippers to challengerepparttar 150633 wait time fees. Ifrepparttar 150634 driver is charging $100.00 an hour they just made an extra $1,200.00 in profits. Ifrepparttar 150635 wait time is inflatedrepparttar 150636 profits are increased even more. If you are consistently getting charged high waiting time fees I suggest you find another carrier.


Paul Buisson has been helping small businesses save on their shipping expense for over three years. He specializes in helping start-up businesses and businesses that don’t know anything about shipping. He can be contacted at 985-727-2992.

How to Handle Workplace Conflict

Written by Philip Lye

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Personality clashes are often where one person atrepparttar workplace has an inability to get along another colleague or simply doesn’t want to! There are many reasons for this however it is imperative that you hirerepparttar 150592 person who hasrepparttar 150593 right cultural fit for your business.

In Australia as is common in many countries where their is Occupational Health and Safety legislation,repparttar 150594 law places a legal obligation (something you must do) on employers to provide a healthy and safe workplace.

You can be found vicariously liable forrepparttar 150595 actions of your employees if you have been found not to have complied with your obligations.

What can your business do? You can be proactive and manage workplace conflict by

• Inducting Employees intorepparttar 150596 workplace

• Implement a Grievance Policy and Procedure

• Regular employee communications

• If you sniff trouble act!

• Take advice

• Consider mediation

• Do not procrastinate

Your business may be experiencing workplace conflict but there are practical and positive solutions available to your business. You are not alone! By way of example Biz Momentum ( assisted a number of businesses who faced potential ruin because of employee conflict and today those same businesses are thriving.

Your business can move through difficult phases and thrive - its all how you see conflct and how soon you take action.

Phiiip Lye is the founder of Biz Momentum which provides strategic human resource management and employee relations solutions to help your business grow.

Clients receive practical actionable strategies that can be immediately implemented into their business.

Philip is a Certified Professional Human Resources Consultant and a qualified Accountant. Contact details for Philip at

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