How to Protect Your Online Store from the Internet Burglars, Part 2

Written by Lynne Schlumpf

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......the transaction stops RIGHT THERE. Go no further. (this is not a totally untrue story...happened to us in a similar situation)

John Smith getsrepparttar statement from his Merchant Account provider about a month later. He has sold about 1,000 books this month. His books are a real hot item! Two days later, John Smith gets another letter from his merchant provider. John's merchant provider, like many, automatically deposits or deducts credit card transactions from his checking account. After John gotrepparttar 109054 first statement, he gave most ofrepparttar 109055 profits to his wife so that she could go down torepparttar 109056 A&P superstore and buy some food. She also decides they need a new living room couch. The money's spent. The 300 books that someone ordered, well - they were ordered on a stolen credit card number. Did John or his automated online store merchant know this? How could they? The owner ofrepparttar 109057 credit card did not know their number and expiration date had been lifted from a store somewhere onrepparttar 109058 Net. John is out 300 books and $4,485.00 in revenue. He also receives a threatening notice that if this happens again, he'll lose his merchant account.

------------------------------------------ Did you notice anything strange aboutrepparttar 109059 merchant account provider takingrepparttar 109060 money away from John? Mastercard did not eat any ofrepparttar 109061 loss, and neither did John's merchant account provider..notice that? The merchant eats ALL OF IT. John is now in debt torepparttar 109062 merchant account provider, and some nimrod is off selling his books in some far away corner ofrepparttar 109063 Internet.

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2 Percent Conversion Rate

Written by Kurt Geer

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Look for sites that have Verisign, Icop, Etrust or Paypal onrepparttar secure server pages when you decide it's time to purchase something online.

If you think that I am just blowing off steam your right, but I do believe there are a lot of people who agree with me. Check out Smart Business Mags article comparing and testing 20 ofrepparttar 109053 major sites from eToys to Amazon with testers inrepparttar 109054 Dec 2000 issue,6605,2646457,00.html

Side Note- Last I heard eToys stock price was $.28 a share from a high of $86 early in 2000, and they are looking for a buyer.

The 2 percent Conversion Rate really needs work beforerepparttar 109055 magnificent projected numbers that Juniper, Forrester and other Advertising watchers are predicting by 2003 or 2004. Of course with more user-friendly sites, things could change andrepparttar 109056 2 percent could easily double or more ifrepparttar 109057 larger sites take a lesson from somerepparttar 109058 smaller ones.

One ofrepparttar 109059 reasons that some ofrepparttar 109060 smaller sites don't convert customers is trust, they are unknown torepparttar 109061 average consumer. This can be overcome by gettingrepparttar 109062 customer back to your site, by offering something that will bring them back and stay or stick to your site. One ofrepparttar 109063 best ways to overcome this is to get their email address when they hit your site, and give them a reason to come back.

I do have to say that a lot ofrepparttar 109064 smaller or unknown sites really do make it easy to buy from them when you decide it is time to purchase their product. The smaller Internet Marketers are blowingrepparttar 109065 socks off some ofrepparttar 109066 Big Boys when it comes to Conversion Rates. Their guarantees and customer service really does stand up to scrutiny when you call them on it. How else would they survive if they didn't?

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