How to Promote your Web Site by Writing Articles

Written by Oudam Em

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8) Avoid hyping in your resource box.

Your resource box, while promotional in nature, should be brief and tasteful. The purpose of your resource box is not to sell your readers something, but to lead them to your website which doesrepparttar actual selling. Your resource box should contain your name, your company name, a brief description of your products or services, your web site's URL, and a clickable link to your site.

9) Put some thought and effort into your writing.

E-zines have varying standards for accepting articles, and some accept and publish all submissions without any human review at all. However, this does not mean you should write an article just for sake of having it published somewhere. If your article comes off as half-baked, readers may make a similar assumption about you and your business practices.

10) Submit your article to as many e-zines as feasible.

There are dozens of e-zines onrepparttar 139771 web that welcome submissions from independent authors. Ideally, you'd want your article to be exposed on as many of them as you can. But it takes time to register and submit to each one of them. Therefore, I recommend that you submit to only a handful ofrepparttar 139772 more popular ones.

Below is a list of e-zines along with their Google PageRanks (PR). The higherrepparttar 139773 PR of an e-zine,repparttar 139774 greater its online visibility.

Amazines - - PR4 Article Alley - - PR5 Article City - - PR6 Article Emporium - - PR4 Articles Factory - - PR5 Article Finders - - PR5 - - PR3 ArticleWarehouse - - PR4 - - PR5 Business Know-How - - pr6 - - pr3 - - PR6 Common Connections - - PR3 - - PR3 Constant Content - - PR6 - - PR3 Digital - - PR5 Ezine Articles - - PR7 - - PR4 Free Content - - PR5 - - PR4 - - PR2 - - PR3 - - PR6 - - PR3 Home Based-business Opportunities - www.home-based- - pr5 Home business Tips Newsletter - - PR3 - - PR4 - - PR5 - PR5 Jogena's - - PR4 - - PR5 Li'l Engine - - PR7 - - PR3 Main Street Mom - - PR5 Marketing PitBull - - PR2 - - PR4 - - PR3 - - PR3 - -PR4 - -PR4 Sales Masters World - - PR5 - -PR4 - - PR4 - - PR4 T & I Grafix - - PR3 - - PR4 - - PR3 Web Host Industry Review - - PR5 - -PR3 - - PR3 The Warrior Forum - - PR4 Web Host Industry Review - - 5 - - PR3 - - PR7 - - PR3 - - PR4 - -PR6 Womans-Net - - PR4 - -PR3 - -PR3 - - PR4 - - PR6 - -PR6

Article by Oudam Em. Oudam isrepparttar 139775 webmaster of Web Launch,, a free resource for web site promotion and search engine optimization. Please visit his site for more free tips and tutorials on building traffic and generating income on your site.

Oudam Em is the webmaster of Web Launch,, a free resource for web site promotion and search engine optimization. Please visit his site for more free tips and tutorials on building traffic and generating income on your site.

Give Them a KISS Ad,
or Traffic Exchange Programs - Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Written by Martin Thomassen

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The sites they show should appeal to you and should be changing a lot. Sometimes I am surfing programs and I keep seeingrepparttar same sites over and over again. Not a good sign!

Give Them a KISS Ad

The design of your page or ad should be as simple as possible. No jokes, no pictures, no music etc., just plain text html. I am a firm believer ofrepparttar 139730 KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple) and dealing with traffic exchange programs, that is just a MUST. My most successful ads are just simple sign up forms (with little more) or a plain text page where I invite people to pushrepparttar 139731 button (that opens in a new window) “to learn more about ..”. They load super fast, are short and torepparttar 139732 point. People can actually see whatrepparttar 139733 page is about while they are looking forrepparttar 139734 “next” button.

Rotate your pages
Rotate your pages and ads in time and space! Userepparttar 139735 program site rotator to rotate your offers or sites. In your hosting statistics you can see which rotator actually sends you traffic and which don’t. Try out different offers onrepparttar 139736 different program rotators and see which work where and which don’t. Rotaterepparttar 139737 offers and rotaterepparttar 139738 rotators and keep track of them. Don’t letrepparttar 139739 same offer run too long onrepparttar 139740 same exchange program, because it will become less and less effective. If you promote an opportunity or program, letrepparttar 139741 ad run for about two weeks, take it away and rerun it after a month or so!

Long term campaigns

Suppose you are a member of a MLM or multi-tier affiliate program and you want to build up your downline. You could of course just keep sending your affiliate page torepparttar 139742 traffic exchanges (and there are a lot of people who do just that!) but that way, you will probably not be very successful.

Build your own site featuring your opportunity and send teasers torepparttar 139743 traffic exchange programs to lure them into visiting your site. Prominently on your home page (or using a pop up, although I hate those) you should place your opt-in form and your personal recommendation for that program. You will have allrepparttar 139744 time ofrepparttar 139745 world (so to speak) to try out different offers, teasers, wording and formatting of your ads. You should find enough material for those with your affiliate program, if not, you are probably inrepparttar 139746 wrong one.

Short term campaigns

Sometimes you will be send an offer that seems to be to good to be true (or something like that) and you will want to fire from all ports to advertise it. Hopefully you have build up some reserve credits so you can takerepparttar 139747 internet by storm!

Well, it happens to us all and it is good to be prepared for such an event. Being fast and beingrepparttar 139748 first are always good tactics in these. Pause allrepparttar 139749 other pages in your rotators and featurerepparttar 139750 new offer and bombardrepparttar 139751 programs for a few days. If it is a good offer forrepparttar 139752 kind of people who surfrepparttar 139753 traffic exchange programs, it should actually work quite nicely! You could even consider joining a few other exchange programs, if only for taking advantage ofrepparttar 139754 initial free credits you will be allotted.

Pro or Contra

Actually, there is a lot more to say about traffic exchange programs and you will always see people fervently in favor or in contra. When you start reading about them or even investigatingrepparttar 139755 theme, you will soon see why. Take a look at their background and their site. That will tell you enough. Somebody who is interested in downlines and cheap tools might favor them, someone selling advertising or mainly concerned with search engine optimization will generally not favor them. I just plainly like them, and as they fit my general strategy, I frequently use them.. And maybe you will permit me a last word about free advertising.

FFA, or free for all pages are definitely out ofrepparttar 139756 question. They are not effective and even can be harmful to your site. Safelist were quite an alternative until recently, but sincerepparttar 139757 appearance of automatic submitters, they have gone down considerately in effectiveness (although there still remain some opportunities out there). And probablyrepparttar 139758 best way of free advertising is “targeted free advertising”, but I will leave that subject for another article! I am not saying here that traffic exchange programs arerepparttar 139759 answer to all your prayers or evenrepparttar 139760 most effective way of advertising, but they sure can give a starting marketer a break. Any questions or comments? Drop me a line!

Martin Thomassen is an economist and system analyst who took to the internet to apply his knowledge in this area. His aim is to provide useful information and help to ebiz starters to setup their business for free. Visit his site, Ebiz Setup Tutorial, Starting a homebased business for beginners

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