How to Promote your Mailing List

Written by Matt Colyer

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3) If your newsletter is good you'll have people sharing it with family and friends, Sometimes people will forget to do this, so make sure you add a friendly reminder in each newsletter to tell their friends about it.

4) If you have a ebook or free guide on your web site, If your newsletter hasrepparttar same topic, promote your newsletter in it. You can give your ebook or guide to other web sites to give to their visitors.

5) Get active in discussion groups and include a link to your web site in your signature. But be careful, some forums will not allow you to promote your products/services in your signature, so readrepparttar 105696 rules first.

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10 Sizzling Ways To Get More New E-zine Subscribers

Written by Ken Hill

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You could advertise your e-zine onrepparttar back of your business cards or in your brochures.

You could also plug your e-zine when shipping your product to your customers.

Just include a quick promo for your e-zine along with your special offers or reordering information. 8. Promote your e-zine on every page of your site.

Make it really easy for your visitors to know about and sign up for your e-zine by including your subscription box on all your web pages. 9. Post testimonials for your e-zine on your site.

You'll make your e-zine more credible in your visitors' eyes by sharing your readers' glowing comments. 10. Plug your e-zine in your signature file.

You'll be able to successfully get people that e-mail you with their questions to subscribe to your e-zine.

You'll also be able to gain more new subscribers when you participate in forums and discussion lists that reach your target market.

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