How to Profit From Fear and Greed

Written by Vincent Czaplyski

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But that's just part ofrepparttar equation. You also need to paint that fear or greed in ways that are believable to your prospects. And you need to offer a real solution torepparttar 136445 emotional needs triggered by your copy. That's what prompts your prospects to buy.

For example, let's say "fear of never finding a soul mate" isrepparttar 136446 emotional trigger you want to exploit in marketing an online dating service for hopeless romantics.

You might begin such a sales letter like this.

"Dear Friend,

"Last year I received a letter that broke my heart. It was from a woman named Kathy who had completely given up on ever finding true love.

"Life held no special joys for Kathy. Her words on that single hand written page painted a grim portrait of an empty, lonely life..."

If someone reading your letter fears never finding true love themselves, this opening will probably evoke an immediate emotional response. They can identify with Kathy. You have their attention, now what do you do?

You need to offer a solution, perhaps to Kathy's immediate problem, but certainly to your prospect's problem. (They're really one andrepparttar 136447 same, aren't they?) And you need to offer lots of specifics to help make it believable. Maybe continuingrepparttar 136448 letter with something like this:

"But there's a happy ending to this story. Only four months afterwards I received a second, much longer letter from Kathy. She told me about just returning from an incredible honeymoon in Paris, and all about her wonderful new husband Brian.

"She shared their plans for an exciting, bright future together in a picturesque New England town. She told me about some ofrepparttar 136449 little things in life that suddenly held special meaning, like picking apples together and long walks onrepparttar 136450 beach. About what it meant to have finally found her true soul mate after so many years.

"I was ecstatic for Kathy of course. But hardly surprised. In fact I could tell you about 5,735 other success stories just like Kathy's. That's how many couples have gotten married after first connecting through Soul Mates Forever.

"And you could berepparttar 136451 next success story."

Deciding which emotional trigger to emphasize in your copy can be challenging. You need to carefully studyrepparttar 136452 nature of bothrepparttar 136453 product andrepparttar 136454 prospects to chooserepparttar 136455 right one. When in doubt, look to those old standbys fear and greed and you won't be far offrepparttar 136456 mark.

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Beyond Fear And Greed: Emotions That Sell

Written by Lisa Packer

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Insecurity: The flip side of vanity. Insecurity is so powerful, so prevalent, that it can be traced torepparttar root of almost all other emotional sales pitches. In fact, it’s so powerful, it only needs to be hinted at to be effective: “Quite frankly,repparttar 136302 American Express Card is not for everyone. And not everyone who applies for Cardmembership will be approved. However, we believe you will…” You almost have to apply to prove that you’re good enough!

Step out ofrepparttar 136303 Fear-and-Greed box in your next marketing communication. You may be amazed atrepparttar 136304 difference – not just in your ad, but in your response as well.

Lisa Packer, author of "How To Dramatically Increase Your Business... Without A Blockbuster Budget" is an independant copywriter and marketing consultant. For more helpful articles like this one, visit

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