How to Prevent a Custody Battle After Divorce.

Written by By Barbara Rose

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Do everything you do not want to do. Do it for your children. If you do, your children will be by your side in your old age. If you do not, you will find yourself alone when you are old.

Many laws have changed inrepparttar last thirty-five years: child support enforcement laws and custody regulations. Butrepparttar 131042 courts cannot enforce healthy, open communication betweenrepparttar 131043 parents. Andrepparttar 131044 courts cannot impose on usrepparttar 131045 one thing that will make allrepparttar 131046 difference for each of us. It comes fromrepparttar 131047 inside. It is love.

Love and heal your self. Love and honor your children. Then and only then will you and your children know peace.

If your former spouse is not fulfilling their court ordered obligations, let it go. Stop trying to enforce what they are not willing to adhere to. You have no control over them.

Focus on beingrepparttar 131048 best parent to your child when you are with them.

Never speak negatively aboutrepparttar 131049 other parent, showrepparttar 131050 other parent disrespect in front ofrepparttar 131051 children, or causerepparttar 131052 children to feel they should take sides.

Allowrepparttar 131053 children their birthright to express love to both parents.

Be grateful for whateverrepparttar 131054 other parent contributes torepparttar 131055 lives of your children, and stop seeking to get more.

You will find that when your energy is spent on genuinely accepting, and sharing parental responsibility with your former spouse, forrepparttar 131056 sake of your children, rather than continuing a war, your children will thrive emotionally. They will bear no psychological scars. They will learnrepparttar 131057 gifts of open dialogue, rather than receive pain as they witness a silent war betweenrepparttar 131058 two parents they are a part of.

As divorced parents, do everything you can to create a pleasant atmosphere with your former spouse for your children. This may be an unwilling sacrifice for you, but it is a gift for your children.

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10 Traits of an Organized Home

Written by Barbara Myers

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5. Chore list is clearly posted. Everyone does his or her share as a member ofrepparttar family.

6. There is a key rack, shoe rack and pegs for jackets and backpacks nearrepparttar 131041 door.

7. Toys are separated into containers by category and can be put away quickly.

8. There is a portable file box into which bills and paperwork are organized.

9. Home appears adequately clean. Family has a daily system to pick up clutter and a weekly system for cleaningrepparttar 131042 house.

10. Family members have time for one another because their home is organized.

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