How to Predict Your Way to Wealth & Create Winner Products! (Part I)

Written by Mike Mograbi

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“Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible.” Lord Kelvin, president, Royal Society, 1895

“640K ought to be enough for anybody.” Bill Gates, 1981

Question: What would make experts and people with great minds likerepparttar ones just quoted make such 'humorous' predictions?

The answer is one word: The blinding power of PARADIGMS.

Even experts and professionals are sometimes unable to look past their own paradigms.

What exacly is a 'paradigm'?

A paradigm is a set of rules and regulations (written or unwritten) that does two things:

(1) it establishes or defines boundaries (mental, behavioral, etc.); and (2) it tells you how to think anc behave insiderepparttar 146688 boundaries in order to be successful.

Paradigms determine how people perceiverepparttar 146689 world. People see best what they are 'supposed' to see. Prevailing paradigms determine that.

Also people see poorly, or not at all, information and data that does not fit into such paradigms. They are literally unable to 'see' things right before their very eyes.

Here's what you have to know:

The future of your business exists just outsiderepparttar 146690 boundaries of your industry's prevailing paradigm(s).

Free yourself fromrepparttar 146691 mentally enslaving and paralyzing power of prevailing paradigms and you'll see how easy it becomes to come up with amazing discoveries and innovations.

A paradigm shift occurs when there's a breakout from an old paradigm into a new set of rules.

Therefore, to be able to seerepparttar 146692 future and make accurate predictions, you have to:

I. Think twice before you say 'impossible': Remember, advances in technology are makingrepparttar 146693 impossible possible. What is “impossible” today is so only inrepparttar 146694 context of present paradigms.

II. Look past prevailing paradigm(s).

III. Watchrepparttar 146695 rule breakers: Keep a close eye on professional people messing withrepparttar 146696 rules, because that isrepparttar 146697 earliest sign of significant change.

And whenrepparttar 146698 rules change,repparttar 146699 whole world can change.

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How to harness the power of ebooks for the benefit of your website!

Written by William Johnston

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Once you have distributed a number of copies, if you have distributed it well to many sets of people, your ebook will soon do its work. People will start clicking on your links from all overrepparttar web and in addition, you have also made a small name for yourself onrepparttar 145480 web. This will increaserepparttar 145481 popularity and trust in your site.


Obviously throughrepparttar 145482 promoting of your website using ebooks,repparttar 145483 profits will increase. However, there are other ways in which to profit using ebooks:

- The most obvious way to make money through ebooks is by selling them. However, there are already many huge companies doing this and it is hard for little companies and websites to keep up. Nevertheless, try to offer just that little bit extra on your ebook deal compared to everyone else’s. You have to try and make your deal seem special. Add a couple of bonuses and maybe a useful bit of software too.

- Profit through ebooks by offering them as a bonus with another, more expensive product you are selling on your website. You would be surprised at how a browser will choose your product over others, just because your product has an ebook free with it. If you can make this ebook relevant torepparttar 145484 item you are coupling it with, or you could makerepparttar 145485 ebook yourself, then more people will buy from you and people will be prepared to pay more. The ebook costs you nothing either so it is a perfect give-away.

- Affiliate links can also be posted in ebooks you create yourself. Earn yourself money by placing these links in relevant places inrepparttar 145486 content ofrepparttar 145487 ebook. For example if your ebook talks about music, then include a link to a popular music website which you know will give you a slice ofrepparttar 145488 profits if a sale is made. If your ebook is distributed correctly, your affiliate link could be viewed by thousands of people per week. The site I recommend for affiliate marketing is

- Also think about putting a very limited amount of ads in your ebook. Many companies will pay you to put an ad in your ebook. However, there is a very fine line between making money through ads and losing money due to too many unprofessional ads. Try to make your ads blend into your ebook and make them relevant torepparttar 145489 subject matter too.

Most importantly with ebooks, always be thinking of new ways in which you think you could distribute them or use them to profit. Creativity is a key part of a successful ebook marketing campaign.

Thankyou for reading – William Johnston

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