How to Play to Your Strengths

Written by Jo Ball

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It’s a fact that many teenagers through to twenty-seven year olds are already disillusioned with life, disconnecting from life with behavioural change like attention deficit disorders and by using gaming stations, DVDs and in some cases drugs. In older generationsrepparttar same disconnection is manifesting in other ways, stress, sick notes from work, anxiety and depression. In my understanding we come to this life with a purpose.

Life = Active principle of living things and movement

Purpose = Thing intended

But what happens is life – education, religion, friends, family, TV, work – all lead you away from this purpose or illusion, until you become disillusioned. It is only then, in disillusionment, that you begin to find your true self.

You are furthest from your true illusion when you loserepparttar 139478 concept that you have unique qualities, talents and personal strengths and when you don’t centre your life on these gifts.

Teenage and early adult behaviour problems andrepparttar 139479 issues of later generations begin to disappearrepparttar 139480 moment you live in alignment with ‘YOUR PURPOSE.’

Love and best wishes,

Jo Ball p.s. Happiness comes in through doors you forgot you left open

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What is your fashion style?

Written by Kenia Morales

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5.Sporty Lady- She loves her jeans and sneakers and will not go anywhere with out them. She should play dress up once in a while. This will help her look and feel better, even ifrepparttar changes are temporary.

6.Comfy Carmen-Carmen is all about comfort. She chooses her attire based onrepparttar 139477 way it feels. She should steer away from bulky looking shoes that will make her feet look wider or bigger and clothing that fit too loosely. Clothes that are too big will make anyone look heavier and older.

7.Elegant Elenin- Elenin is always dress to impress. She will not allow anyone to see her dressed down. However, it will be beneficial for her to loosen up or dress comfortably once in a while. People can not look perfect allrepparttar 139478 time.

8.Stuck in time- This type of person does not rememberrepparttar 139479 last time she bought a piece of clothing. She will not stop wearing her clothes until it has a hole in it. She should avoid usingrepparttar 139480 same clothing for too many years until it comes back in style (20 years later).

9.Balanced Brianna- She probably has one ofrepparttar 139481 other personal styles mentioned in this guide but, understands clearly