How to Plan Effective Information Technology Hiring

Written by Regina Stevens

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III.WRITE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY JOB DESCRIPTION Includerepparttar following in your IT job description:

--Job Duration Self-Explanatory --Preferred Years of Experience Be careful with this one. Think realistically upon reviewing resumes. What if someone only has one year of experience, but has worked more hours using your requirements on a larger scale thanrepparttar 137426 person who has 3 - 5 years of experience? --Education Level Do not choose employees based solely on certifications. You would be smart to consider experience as opposed to certifications. Many people have a photographic memory, but can't even turn a computer on or install necessary drivers from a disk. --Salary Range Important to do some research so thatrepparttar 137427 pay fitsrepparttar 137428 job description. Check out for more details. --Types of technology you require (programming languages, operating systems, software applications, etc.) --Relocation Info Mention if you will or will not pay for relocation. Do not assume that people who live elsewhere will not pay for their own moving expenses. --Travel Info Do not forget to mention if your new position requires travel. A great deal of people do not like to travel. --Security Clearance info --Summary of IT Job Description (700 words or less) If written correctly, you can say a lot with a minimum amount of words.

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How to Become a Real Estate Agent

Written by Andre McFayden, Ph.D.

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c) How much can a real estate agent earn? Real estate agents more often than not are paid on commission. This commission is a percent ofrepparttar selling price ofrepparttar 137390 property. The seller will generally pay 4-6% ofrepparttar 137391 sales price asrepparttar 137392 fee for having an agent handlerepparttar 137393 complex job of selling their property. The funds will often be split equally betweenrepparttar 137394 seller's broker and broker who findsrepparttar 137395 buyer.

As an example, ifrepparttar 137396 fee for a $300,000 property is 6%,repparttar 137397 buyer's broker will be paid 3% or $9000 andrepparttar 137398 seller's broker will also be paid 3% or $9000. The agent is paid by his or her broker, using their agreed-upon commission split. This is often 50-50 for new agents, so in that caserepparttar 137399 agent in our example would be paid $4500.

So to answerrepparttar 137400 question,repparttar 137401 amount that a real estate agent can earn is only limited byrepparttar 137402 number of transactions that he or she can close.

Visit for requirements for obtaining a real estate license in your state.

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