How to Place Home Theater Speakers

Written by Jon Martin

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Rear Speakers The rear speakers should be mounted onrepparttar walls on either side ofrepparttar 138324 audience. Their purpose is to provide a sense of atmosphere, not providerepparttar 138325 main sound for your home theater system. Therefore, they should not be pointed directly atrepparttar 138326 audience's ears or you risk over poweringrepparttar 138327 center channel andrepparttar 138328 two front speakers. Again, distance is important. Try to haverepparttar 138329 rear speakersrepparttar 138330 same distance fromrepparttar 138331 TV in order to userepparttar 138332 same amount of speaker wire and if possible have them placed equidistance fromrepparttar 138333 audience.

Subwoofer Bass tones by their nature are more difficult to localize thanrepparttar 138334 midrange and high notes ofrepparttar 138335 other five speakers. This will give you more freedom as to where to placerepparttar 138336 subwoofer. However,repparttar 138337 location surroundingrepparttar 138338 subwoofer can greatly influencerepparttar 138339 bass tones you hear. Placingrepparttar 138340 subwoofer in a corner or under a table will create a deeper resonating tone asrepparttar 138341 sound waves reflect off ofrepparttar 138342 surfaces. The placement ofrepparttar 138343 subwoofer is up to you, depending onrepparttar 138344 type of bass you want. Experiment with different locations and findrepparttar 138345 one that best suits your taste.

Realizingrepparttar 138346 full potential of your home theater speakers is not a difficult task. By following these guidelines, you will be ready to enjoy your home theaterrepparttar 138347 way it was meant to be heard.

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