How to Pitch a Story to the News Media

Written by Jean Hanson

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4. Is there a time element or deadline? Give them plenty of time generally 6 to 8 weeks.

5. Include your contact information, phone number, email, fax, and when youre available.

6. If its a smaller publication, include photos. Or, if you have an idea for a visual, include that too.

7. You can submit by either email or snail mail. Ive sent story ideas to different newspapers via email and received responses to most. 8. Follow up with a phone call about one to two weeks later.

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31 Ways to Get Your Name in the News

Written by Shannon Cherry, APR

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8.A speech or presentation given by an executive 9.An expert opinion on any subject 10.A controversial topic 11.New employees 12.Promotions withinrepparttar firm 13.Awards or honors given to employees 14.Awards or honors given torepparttar 124454 company 15.Original discoveries or innovations 16.New branches, departments or facilities 17.New sales reps, distributors or agents 18.Major contracts awarded torepparttar 124455 firm 19.New clients 20.Joint ventures 21.Strategic alliances 22.Management reorganization 23.Major achievements 24.Unusual people or products 25.Unusual ways of doing business 26.Case histories of successful applications 27.How-to advice 28.Change of company name, slogan or logo 29.Opening of a new business 30.Special events such as an open house or tour 31.Charitable acts

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