How to Optimize Website Graphics and Photos?

Written by Maricon Williams

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The last step is to save your image inrepparttar compresses file format. You can utilize GIF or JPEG.

GIF is short for Graphic Interchange Format is a loss-less compression. Here, when image file are compressed, data are not lost. Nevertheless, available colors for this technique are approximately 256. This is most commonly used in sketches, drawings, small icons and less colorful graphics. When using GIF, you must determinerepparttar 136733 quality ofrepparttar 136734 image you can risk in order to transform it in a smaller size. In this technique you can set a transparent background especially in cases where you wan to place an image on a gradient or patterned background. Another technique isrepparttar 136735 JPEG short of Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is saved in a 24-bit format and can be used for millions of colors. This technique is a loose compression. To avoid losing some data, saverepparttar 136736 original image in a lossless format so that you can easily grab it for editing purposes. You can userepparttar 136737 Cache feature onrepparttar 136738 hard drive so that it can be readily available when you need it.

Now you have a more accessible site! Expect a greater number of visitors..

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Logo Design Mania

Written by Kristine Llabres

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Your company logo is very important in branding your business. It should be strictly unique and would clearly depict of you. The ultimate purpose is forrepparttar people to recognize your logo and associate yourself with it. Make sure that your chosen logo stand out ionrepparttar 136732 crowd.

Bear in mind that you really likerepparttar 136733 logo before finally deciding on that. It will be for you and your business so; you have to like it as much as you like your own business. As years goes by you may opt to update your logo but it should always haverepparttar 136734 same basic feel to it. After all, this is how people would recognize you and your business.

Make sure that 20 years fromrepparttar 136735 time you created your logo design you will still likerepparttar 136736 same color. The same holds true forrepparttar 136737 kind of font. Sure these nuances can be changed but often times they are very important part ofrepparttar 136738 design so they get it perfect atrepparttar 136739 same time duringrepparttar 136740 first meeting.

Create your own logo and make sure that it clearly speaks of you and your business!

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