How to Negotiate Effectively

Written by Gary E. Cain

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First, you need to know “what is a negotiation.” Simply put, it isrepparttar exchange of ideas withrepparttar 107912 intention of changing relationships, agreements, or viewpoints.

Negotiation requires …

1. Calmness 2. Understanding of people 3. Preparation beforerepparttar 107913 negotiation (preferably written) 4. Strategy for success (you need to know whatrepparttar 107914 other side wants fromrepparttar 107915 negotiation)

Remember that negotiation requires that you give something of perceived value in order to receive something of value.

Negotiation may be giving up something today for a later advantage.

Here is a short list of a non-aggressive negotiation strategy:

Know what you want Know whatrepparttar 107916 other side wants Noterepparttar 107917 "feelings" of your opponent Verbally acceptrepparttar 107918 opponent's viewpoint Give your opinion and ask for opponent's opinion Give positive comments and ask for positive comments Respect differences of opinion Verbally express "how"repparttar 107919 two sides are similar Strive to reach “mutual” benefits Build a strong relationship for future negotiations

Be sure to note …

…the tone of your voice. …how you pronounce your words. …your own body language. …your opponent's body language.

Finally, remember that you should always keeprepparttar 107920 relationship positive so that you can return and negotiate another day.

Gary is a business teacher and Internet marketer. Gary has written two books: Stop the Grammar and Internet Self Defense.

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The Best Communication

Written by Michael Fleidervish

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