How to Meet Other Singles by Doing Something You Love

Written by Rosemary Heenan

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Another plus has been getting tips as we play from more seasoned players. Each week my golf game is improving and I am learning more aboutrepparttar game.

We also have moved beyondrepparttar 148424 game to having dinner and drinks afterrepparttar 148425 game. We search new places to try each week and have enjoyed house parties once we knew each other well enough to feel safe and comfortable. Now we are branching out even more and going to concerts together. Everyone keeps an eye out for other events in our community that we could enjoy.

I’ve made new friends and some ofrepparttar 148426 people are beginning to pair up and see each other outsiderepparttar 148427 group. It’s a great way to introduce other people you think might hit it off, withoutrepparttar 148428 stress of a one-on-one blind date.

Now there’s always something to do on a Friday night and we are having fun. What better way to attract a partner than when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself.

Not a golfer? What do you enjoy that you form a group around? Euchre, bridge, tennis, volleyball, books? Don't stay home alone on Friday nights. Whatever your interest, there are others to meet and share that with.

Rosemary Heenan is a Certified Integrative Coach Professional. Her specialty is coaching successful, professional, mid-life women who are ready to add a great relationship to their lives. She has been a college professor for more than 28 years. Sign up for her free newsletter at

Do You Want to Just Survive or Thrive? (part 2)

Written by Jayve McMeeken

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Because they setrepparttar rules and they have a cause worth fighting for. As a result of them winningrepparttar 148330 game, they get what they want for their family and friends.

And they don’t give in – ever!

Being that we had achieved great success onrepparttar 148331 “saving money train”, my wife and I had shown that if times ever got tough in a financial sense, we would be OK, as we hadrepparttar 148332 capacity to do whatever it takes to protect our special family time together.

For me, saving money became boring.

So my new fight that was about what I wanted for my family would be geared towards making money, not saving it! This fight was clearly a battle that was worthrepparttar 148333 effort becauserepparttar 148334 big outcome would be an abundance of family living.

And that’s what is important to me. Allrepparttar 148335 material nonsense that comes with having too much money would no doubt invade our space but at least there would be some concrete real life perspective that would ensure we never got carried away.

Too me this is a sustainable way to live as material stuff can always be taken away butrepparttar 148336 stuff in your heart can’t be stolen.

“Develop and protect your unique amazing lifestyle with passion!”

Jayce McMeeken, the founder of “Absolute Coaching International” and author of the inspirational book “Believe You Are RICH!”. Want more money? Want to invest safely but with great returns? Visit Jayce at Please mention this article for a discount on any product.

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