How to Make a Smart Career, Love, or Other Important Decision

Written by Michelle L. Casto, M.Ed.

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The Get Smart! decision-making process can be used for a variety of life decisions. Just plug in your issue intorepparttar formula and go to work: 1.Know Who You Really Are (What are your values, strengths, weaknesses? Where are you at emotionally, financially, and spiritually) 2. Know Who/What You Want to Attract (What kind of values, strengths weaknesses will they have? Where are they at emotionally, financially, spiritually?) 3.Compare How This Information Seems to Fit (Is what you have to offer a complementary match for what they have to offer? Do you seem to have a similar vision for what you want from eachother?) 4.Explore Your Options (Spend time getting to know many people or investigating career options. Do some "comparison shopping" before making a final decision.) 5.Make a Decision (Userepparttar 124044 information gathered combined withrepparttar 124045 Get Smart! Decision-making Process, and make a decision to continue moving ahead or moving along.) Of course, you should be evaluating this process at each step, to ensure you are makingrepparttar 124046 smartest decision. Check in with yourself at each stage to ensure that you are following what your heart and mind are telling you. Remember that knowing what you really want from life up front can help you to choose wisely and ultimately bringrepparttar 124047 greatest satisfaction.

Michelle L. Casto is a personal and professional development consultant residing in Atlanta, GA. She can be reached at (770) 281-4606. Or visit She is also the author of Get Smart! About Modern Romantic Relationships- Your Personal Guide to Right and Real Love

Review: Filling the Glass

Written by Reviewed by Philip Abelard

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Considerrepparttar technique he calls, Bragging aboutrepparttar 124043 Negatives. Are you having a problem explaining a price increase, for example? Try this: "Are our rates expensive? Absolutely. Why do we charge so much? Because we can. Because our clients are willing to pay that much forrepparttar 124044 results we generate. Isrepparttar 124045 competition cheaper? Absolutely. But do you really think they would charge less if they could charge more? They charge less because that's what they can get forrepparttar 124046 results they generate." No excuses, no convoluted explanations, no mealy-mouthing. Reality. If you ever want to promote an idea, a proposal or yourself, if you ever want to sell anything to anybody,repparttar 124047 story of Clyde Thompson winning a job by bragging about his prison record is, by itself, worthrepparttar 124048 price ofrepparttar 124049 book. Maher's unique perspective illuminates evenrepparttar 124050 familiar in new and revealing ways. "As far as this, I'm okay, you're okay stuff," he writes, "maybe you're not so okay. It's not like everybody is. The universe has produced Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer and Adolf Hitler. They weren't okay. And to be frank, I'm still not all that convinced about Attilarepparttar 124051 Hun . . . [When it comes to self esteem,] you know yourself a lot better than I do. If you don't think much of yourself, who am I to contradict you?" Oddly enough,repparttar 124052 book's hardheaded skepticism ultimately makes it more inspirational--and more positive--not less. The ending is an emotional body blow. Fillingrepparttar 124053 Glass is not perfect. Some strategies could use more amplification: two or three are worthy of books of their own. A few anecdotes seem to have been included more for their entertainment value than because they add much torepparttar 124054 message. And occasionally, Fillingrepparttar 124055 Glass yields torepparttar 124056 self help temptation of promising more than it or any book or program can deliver. The over-promising is unnecessary, and Maher should know better. But, as he himself notes, "Marketing has it's own truths which are often hidden fromrepparttar 124057 heart." No matter, Fillingrepparttar 124058 Glass: The Skeptic's Guide to Positive Thinking in Business is a strong $$$$$: our highest recommendation. For once,repparttar 124059 cover blurbs are right. And when Guerrilla Marketing author Jay Levinson writes that Fillingrepparttar 124060 Glass should be "required reading for any MBA program,"repparttar 124061 proper response, even for those of us without televangelist hair, can only be "Amen."

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