How to Make a Great Tasting Cup of Coffee - It’s Not Rocket Science

Written by Kate Simpson

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6.Use unbleached coffee filters or ensure your permanent filter is free from all coffee sludge. When it comes to coffee, cleanliness is next to Godliness.

7.Stirrepparttar pot. Oncerepparttar 150727 coffee is brewed, stirrepparttar 150728 pot to infuserepparttar 150729 taste.

At bare minimum, these steps should always be used when making coffee. Think aboutrepparttar 150730 farmer’s inrepparttar 150731 field, if you skip a step are you doing their hard work justice? On a selfish note, missing one of those steps will affectrepparttar 150732 taste of your coffee, even slightly. Other things to make a great cup of coffee are:

1.Always ensure your equipment is clean. Old coffee sludge can really changerepparttar 150733 taste of coffee. Polident can clean your equipment to almost new.

2.NEVER reuse coffee grinds.

3.NEVER grind beans just taken out ofrepparttar 150734 freezer. Let them thaw first.

4.Always store coffee in air-tight containers away from direct sunlight.

5.NEVER leaverepparttar 150735 coffee on a heater for longer than ½ an hour. It gets a burnt taste and smell.

6.Always warm your cup and never reheat coffee.

The best coffee starts with fresh beans, clean equipment and clean water. Adhering to at least those three guidelines will give you great tasting coffee. Everything else is just gravy.

Kate Simpson is a freelance writer who contributes for the Coffee Bean Queen - – a website offering information on everything from coffee to coffee making and capresso coffee and more.

Got Licorice?

Written by Jolie Kretchman Loeb

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Germany serves up pinwheels of fun – wound up skinny spirals – whirly, twirly Haribo Licorice Wheels. Something you’d stumble upon in Willy Wonka’s home.

And for some Finland fanfare, sample La Pipette, Finnish licorice pipes available in both red and black varieties.

Licorice arrives fresh and individually packaged, perfect for gift giving when you want to stray from traditional chocolates. Good ol’ American varieties include your rainbow arrayed Licorice Bridge Mix, Black Licorice Scotties, or double trouble, Licorice Candy Coated Chocolate. But for a true tongue tango, trip your taste buds fantastic with Holland Double Salt Licorice. Fair warning, it packs a punch.

There’s a lot of love for licorice out there, and a seemingly infinite smorgasbord to be enjoyed. Exploring The Licorice Exchange is visual eye candy – shop byrepparttar flavor,repparttar 150533 color,repparttar 150534 country – explore candy that caters torepparttar 150535 grown up sweet tooth sophisticate. The website is impeccably created and their customer service, elite. Visit forrepparttar 150536 love of licorice. Stay for dessert.


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