How to Make a Gift Basket Like a Pro!

Written by Kristine Mulholland

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Now userepparttar bamboo skewers andrepparttar 116224 tape to place “stakes” onrepparttar 116225 back of each gift item. Make sure to leave about 1-1 ˝” ofrepparttar 116226 stake hanging overrepparttar 116227 edge of each item. This is how you will stakerepparttar 116228 item intorepparttar 116229 foam so that it won’t move around. Place taller gift items inrepparttar 116230 back ofrepparttar 116231 basket, and smaller items towardrepparttar 116232 front. Before you “stake”repparttar 116233 gift items, set them up inrepparttar 116234 basket to see which items will fit best where. Design with an eye for an overall pleasing shape to your basket, distributingrepparttar 116235 weight of gift items evenly. Tip: Layering items at different heights inrepparttar 116236 container makesrepparttar 116237 overall design more pleasing. To do this, simply leave more ofrepparttar 116238 bamboo skewer hanging overrepparttar 116239 edge of particular items, so that they appear taller when you stake them intorepparttar 116240 foam.

As an alternative to using bamboo skewer “stakes” to place your items, you can put pieces of wadded up newspaper inrepparttar 116241 container, and then use your hands to smash down “pockets” inrepparttar 116242 newspaper (or craft paper) where your items can be placed. You can then use GlueDots to holdrepparttar 116243 items in place. You would put one or two GlueDots on each item, and then secure it torepparttar 116244 item next to or torepparttar 116245 container itself. Tip: make sure that you don’t put too many heavy items all inrepparttar 116246 back ofrepparttar 116247 container, as it will makerepparttar 116248 basket tip over.

After all of your items are secured inrepparttar 116249 container, fill inrepparttar 116250 empty spaces with shred (available at craft stores) or curling ribbon. Now you can really get creative! Userepparttar 116251 silk flowers, eucalyptus stems, or other items you bought as enhancement, and place them intorepparttar 116252 foam aroundrepparttar 116253 sides, and alongrepparttar 116254 back edge ofrepparttar 116255 basket. This isrepparttar 116256 finishing touch for your beautiful gift!

Now it’s time to wraprepparttar 116257 basket in cellophane. Spreadrepparttar 116258 cellophane out on a flat surface, placingrepparttar 116259 basket inrepparttar 116260 center. To cut torepparttar 116261 desired length, hold up one end ofrepparttar 116262 cellophane, andrepparttar 116263 other end that is still attached torepparttar 116264 roll, and bring them together aboverepparttar 116265 basket, making sure to leave at least 5-6” extra cellophane aboverepparttar 116266 top ofrepparttar 116267 basket. After you have cutrepparttar 116268 cellophane fromrepparttar 116269 roll, bring both ends together aboverepparttar 116270 basket, then pull uprepparttar 116271 other sides ofrepparttar 116272 cellophane so that all of it meets inrepparttar 116273 middle aboverepparttar 116274 basket. Take a piece of curling ribbon, and tierepparttar 116275 gathered cellophane together with this. Now gatherrepparttar 116276 excess cellophane aboverepparttar 116277 curling ribbon into a bunch. Cutrepparttar 116278 bunch straight across leaving 4-5” of cellophane aboverepparttar 116279 curling ribbon. Now you can fluff outrepparttar 116280 remaining cellophane aboverepparttar 116281 curling ribbon. Finishrepparttar 116282 basket with a beautiful hand-tied bow usingrepparttar 116283 wired ribbon!

Congratulations! You did it, and I bet it looks great!

Kristine Mulholland is a Gift Basket Designer in Salt Lake City, Utah. To see her beautiful Gift Baskets visit

The Beauty and Elegance of Cross-Stitch Portraits

Written by Caryl B. Grecia

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Cross-stitch portraits gracedrepparttar walls ofrepparttar 116223 homes ofrepparttar 116224 privileged inrepparttar 116225 early age. They brought timeless class and elegance not only torepparttar 116226 portraits but torepparttar 116227 entire home as well. Since cross-stitch, then, was a status symbol, onlyrepparttar 116228 elites were privileged enough to have this kind of luxury. Instead of having their images in photograph or paintings, they chose to have it stitched - every detail and nuance of their image.

Cross-stitch portraits haverepparttar 116229 touch of class and elegance because every detail is carefully considered. Every detail is painstakingly stitched to perfection thatrepparttar 116230 result is as good asrepparttar 116231 real image. Every color and every feature is very carefully considered that givesrepparttar 116232 portraitrepparttar 116233 personal touch.

These days, class and elegance are seldom elements of a household since most ofrepparttar 116234 equipment in homes are technologically upgraded. Everything works in a click, a push or even a snap. Modernization has lost timeless grace and style somewhere alongrepparttar 116235 way. Now, everything has to be fast, efficient and advanced. It appears that people have less time to appreciate beauty and flair. Wouldn't it be nice for your home to be appreciated for its uniqueness, style and elegance?

Snapshots are tokens ofrepparttar 116236 memories that you treasure. And you would want to remember them for always. It is fun to look (and look and look again) atrepparttar 116237 collection of pictures ofrepparttar 116238 most terrific events of your life. Sometimes you couldn't help yourself to tracerepparttar 116239 face of your loved ones onrepparttar 116240 pictures. Your touch bearsrepparttar 116241 longing andrepparttar 116242 fondness forrepparttar 116243 person orrepparttar 116244 event.

In cross-stitch, every detail stitched means every account ofrepparttar 116245 unforgettable occasion is remembered and labored with. It's like stitching togetherrepparttar 116246 intricate details ofrepparttar 116247 memories andrepparttar 116248 feelings during those times whenrepparttar 116249 affair happened.

And whenrepparttar 116250 portrait is done, you'll know that allrepparttar 116251 memories and feelings are captured in that magnificent and elegant portrait in cross-stitch. And you'll always be pleased and proud of it because ofrepparttar 116252 labor of love that was poured in it.

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The writer, Caryl B. Grecia, works for Sphinx Cyberworld Ventures whose website, features custom-made cross-stitch portraits of your choice such as your wedding portraits, baby portraits, favorite pet's portraits and even your favorite celebrity idol's portraits. You can send emails regarding custom-made cross-stitch portraits to

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