How to Make a Delicious German Crumble Cake in 4 Simple Steps

Written by Kori Puckett

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3) Cook fruit with cornstarch in a medium pot or pan for 2 minutes, and spreadrepparttar fruit filling onrepparttar 116266 dough.

4) Sprinklerepparttar 116267 rest ofrepparttar 116268 dough ontorepparttar 116269 fruit, and bake for about 40 minutes at around 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remember, ovens may vary. Yours may be faster or slower or require less or more degrees Fahrenheit. It also depends on how darkrepparttar 116270 pan you use is. Be sure to keep checking onrepparttar 116271 crumble cake every few minutes. Whenrepparttar 116272 top is nice and brown, then it should be ready.

Even if your German Crumble Cake didn't turn out exactly right, not to worry. Nobody says you have to be a professional. I'm certainly not. My philosophy with food has always been "As long as it tastes good, I don't care if it's imperfect."

Try experimenting withrepparttar 116273 recipe. I usually never follow recipes torepparttar 116274 letter. For this one, I use a bigger glass pan and only 2 cans of fruit. Figure out what works for you. Practice making this German dessert recipe and any other desserts, and you'll eventually settle into your own style of baking, like every other individual.

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Power Tool Safety

Written by Dave markel

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Keep your power tools in good working order especially saw blades. The sharper a saw blade isrepparttar less effort it take repparttar 116265 tool to performrepparttar 116266 cut and this reducesrepparttar 116267 effort you need to use to feedrepparttar 116268 wood throughrepparttar 116269 tool. If you are having to force a piece of wood through a table saw it increasesrepparttar 116270 chance of you slipping and injuring yourself.

Do Not work in your shop if your have been drinking or taking medication. Both can alter your perception and increaserepparttar 116271 likely hood of an injury.

Prepare forrepparttar 116272 worst. Remember after you are injure is too late to be trying to think of what to do. The adrenalin will be flowing andrepparttar 116273 chance of shock is always present.

Before you get injured post a plan in your shop for dealing with an emergency. It should haverepparttar 116274 numbers for an ambulance as well as a neighbor or a friend that can assist you if needed. Also, have a phone in your shop with an emergency number set to speed dial. Have a fully stocked first aid kit in your shop to deal with any emergencies and some knowledge of how to dress an injury if needed.

Focus ofrepparttar 116275 task. It is not a good idea to work inrepparttar 116276 shop when your mind is distracted. This can lead to inattention and accidents. It is ok to relax and unwind inrepparttar 116277 shop but not whilerepparttar 116278 tools are turned on. Unplug tools when not in use or when changing attachments and servicing. It is also a good idea to lock out your power in your shop when you are not using it. This will prevent children from accidentally turning onrepparttar 116279 tools and injuring themselves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dave Markel isrepparttar 116280 author of "The All Wood Working Journal". He has helped hundreds of individuals improve their wood working skills. Visit his site at Subscribe torepparttar 116281 All Wood Working Journal at

Dave Markel is the author of "The All Wood Working Journal". He has helped hundreds of individuals improve their wood working skills. Visit his site at Subscribe to the All Wood Working Journal at

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