How to Make Time for Your Soul

Written by Suzanne Falter-Barns

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- Cut corners cooking. Take advantage of gourmet take-out and grocery-store fast foods, such as prewashed salad, precut vegetables, and premarinated chicken.

- Stop answeringrepparttar phone. Return calls during a pre-scheduled set time each day that works for you. Or better yet, email a reply, and post your email on your answering machine as a better way to get in touch.

- Divide uprepparttar 148666 housework. Hand overrepparttar 148667 laundry and vacuuming to your mate. Teach your children to do dishes, cook meals and mop floors. And be willing to give up control ofrepparttar 148668 end results. Read Patricia H. Sprinkle's book, Children Who Do Too Little ; Why Your Kids Need to Work Aroundrepparttar 148669 House (and How to Get Them to Do It) for terrific pointers on how to make this happen.

- If you can't relax your standards, delegate. Hire local teenagers, professional housecleaners, or even a temp service to help you clear out your desk, answer correspondence, pay bills, organize closets, walkrepparttar 148670 dog -- whatever you can give up that makes more time for you.

- Do something you truly love. Once you've created this time for yourself, use it wisely. Take onrepparttar 148671 challenges and dreams that really will improve your life. Chances are that once you start, it will be very hard to stop.

Best of all, thank yourself for doing that work that you are truly meant to do ... and not so much ofrepparttar 148672 other stuff that slows us all down.

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Suzanne Falter-Barns

reflections - sending out loving kindness to the world

Written by Claire Chapman

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·Letrepparttar past go. So often we hold ontorepparttar 148631 negative baggage fromrepparttar 148632 past, and this stops us having spare hands to grabrepparttar 148633 opportunities that come up for us Tellrepparttar 148634 people that you loveI'd love to share with you a meditation practice that I use (throughrepparttar 148635 buddhist centre) that really spoke to me this week. Using your own meditation practice, or whenever you have a quiet time... ...focus your thoughts on yourself and send out loving thoughts to yourself. Why do we keep all that negativity around ourselves? I loverepparttar 148636 quote from Marianne Williamson that some of you may be familiar with, that speaks about us all being children of God. As children, we loved ourselves and those around us unconditionally. Remind yourself how great you are, how safe, how loved, well and healthy. ...choose to send out loving thoughts to someone who is important to you - you'll already know who this is. Maybe it's someone who has been having a tough time, maybe just someone you want to send some positive energy to. ...send out your loving kindness to someone you meet, but don't know that well. Maybe it's your milkman, orrepparttar 148637 postman, orrepparttar 148638 chap who drivesrepparttar 148639 bus who gets you to work. Just send out that positivity... ...use your loving kindness to healrepparttar 148640 conflict inside of you that you may have with someone else. I've been learning this week that perception is projection - that we see in others something of ourselves. Isn't it nicer to think that we see just great people, as that tells a lovely story about ourselves? Choose to change your perception this week, and maybe those negative projections will change too.... Finally, send out loving kindness intorepparttar 148641 universe. Expand your thoughts from you and yours, torepparttar 148642 room, your house, family, village, town, England, far out as you can, allrepparttar 148643 way throughrepparttar 148644 galaxy. Think if there was all that positive emotion going around, if everyone was doing this. Would that have an effect onrepparttar 148645 world?

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