How to Make More Money with Google AdSense

Written by Pinyo Bhulipongsanon

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  • placement - location ofrepparttar ad onrepparttar 131505 page, i.e., top, bottom, side, integrated, etc.
  • layout - leaderboard, banner, tower, etc.
  • color scheme - standout color scheme, versus blend in color scheme.
  • Use channel and data gathered to experiment withrepparttar 131506 above combinations to optimizerepparttar 131507 click through rate.
  • Etc.
  • In any case, never ever ask your visitor to click onrepparttar 131508 ads or do it yourself. This is against Google AdSense TOS and you will get thrown out ofrepparttar 131509 program.

    Increase How Wellrepparttar 131510 Ads Pay

    Your option will be limited with an established sites because you have to keep web pages relevant torepparttar 131511 site theme, but you can create new sites to cater to more expensive keywords. You can do this by going to Google AdWords and see what advertiser are paying per click (you do not have to sign up to do this). For example, these are some words and recommended bid:
    • Well, you getrepparttar 131512 idea.
      • $1.56 - "webmaster"
      • $20.00 - "web hosting" WOW!!!
      • $0.62 - "forums"
    • Create web pages relevant to your site, but optimized torepparttar 131513 selected keywords.
    • Avoidrepparttar 131514 use of low paying words that may confuse AdSense.

    I hope this basic tutorial will give you a good foundation and allows you to become a more successful advertisment publish, that is, to make more money with Google AdSense.

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    Keyword Prices Decline 3.0% in the First Quarter of 2005

    Written by Tommy Maric

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    There were many large increases inrepparttar value of certain keywords. The keyword “shiva” for example, went up 935% from a price of just $0.17 to $1.76. “Medifast” also made a giant leap in value increasing from $1.50 to $6.98. This surge in value is most likely due to increased consumer awareness ofrepparttar 131503 Medifast brand and increasing competition among retailers.

    With information changing so quickly it is important to keep abreast ofrepparttar 131504 current value of keywords. The value of these keywords can change dramatically over a very short period of time making a once profitable website quickly unprofitable. For instance,repparttar 131505 keyword “Vioxx” declined by 50% from $16 to $8 from January to April 2005 asrepparttar 131506 value of Vioxx litigation clients decreased. Keeping informed and up to date is of great importance to webmasters looking to turn a profit.

    Tommy Maric is the manager of is designed to help webmasters maximize their profits using Google’s Adsense™ program. Through extensive research, continues to develop up to date databases of the most popular keywords and their accompanying prices. For more information, please visit

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