How to Make Money with Affiliate Business Programs

Written by Randy Wilson

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If you have a successful product or service, offering a referral or affiliate associate program is one ofrepparttar best advertisements online. Not only are you assured your customers are happy with your services and products, otherwise why would they refer you, but you are getting leads straight from these satisfied customers. Positive feedback of this kind is worth its weight in gold.

What if you arerepparttar 141476 happy customer? Referring people to a place where you have received good value and good customer service is easy. If you are looking to make money by becoming an affiliate, it is as easy as finding out ifrepparttar 141477 places you already go onrepparttar 141478 internet have affiliate programs. Odds are, they do. You are also not limited to how many affiliations you can have. A few referrals a month can add up to substantial revenue for you in no time.

Some businesses that have built their clientele on affiliate associate programs of this kind are and Paypal. These businesses all started small and relied on consistent word of mouth advertising and affiliate programs. One key to their monumental and international success is great customer services coupled with great affiliate programs.

For example, say you recommend a book on sales to your consulting clients. Providing a link to that book torepparttar 141479 web site will help your clients not only receiverepparttar 141480 information you find helpful to them, but you will receive a commission on every book that is sold through your site. Do you offer a product or service to other businesses? Paypal has a great affiliate program for business referrals.

As you can see, affiliate programs allow you to offer your clientele additional services. This can help your overall customer satisfaction and will help you build your own business as well. Offering your own affiliate program can increase not only your revenue, but your services as well.

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Written by Eve Abbott, the Organizer Extraordinaire

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The backup CDs I use are 'data only' to safeguard important information in case a problem develops in between system backups. If you are going to archive (e.g., taxes) and may not accessrepparttar backup for a long time - go with CDs. CDs are more stable, and you are less likely to run into trouble with irretrievable data. Always use premium brand-name CDs (or other media). Discount media is more likely to fail.

Disk 'Cloning': For $70 or less, you can back up your entire drive (operating system, programs and data) using "disk cloning" software (Norton Ghost, Paragon Drive Backup, or PowerQuest Drive Image. You can store this "image" of your drive on removable media like CDs and ZIP disks, on tape, or on an external hard drive. You'll still have to spend a lot of time doingrepparttar 141475 backups and most people will end up with a set of at least 10 CDs for each backup, sincerepparttar 141476 copy of your drive will take up about 50% ofrepparttar 141477 storage space as your drive itself. (That's notrepparttar 141478 size of your whole drive, justrepparttar 141479 part you have filled up.)

You can get more information about disk cloning software at:

Web: There are on-line services (e.g., which will automatically back up your computer (either totally or justrepparttar 141480 changed files). This backup and restore option is limited only byrepparttar 141481 speed of your connection torepparttar 141482 internet. Some people leave their computer on all night to dorepparttar 141483 backups. The reverse process will be more complicated, because you cannot restore directly fromrepparttar 141484 web. Many information technology and graphics professionals use web services because ofrepparttar 141485 massive files they process each day.

Your backup files are stored on their server. This is good because it is off-site in case of disaster recovery. Unfortunately, your data is only as secure asrepparttar 141486 server it is on. I don't use this option, because I don't think there is any function onrepparttar 141487 internet that is as secure as doing it myself and keeping control over allrepparttar 141488 data at all times. If you don't use massive files, you don't need it.

External Hard Drive (XHD): I chose this option after my crash disaster because I can recreate my entire system withoutrepparttar 141489 wasted time of restoring my operating system and settings, downloading programs and data from backups, and resetting application customizations, etc.

An external hard drive ($200) with 'disk cloning' software lets you put your entire drive onto your backups. If you don't userepparttar 141490 ghosting software you can only put programs, and data backups ontorepparttar 141491 external hard drive, notrepparttar 141492 operating system itself. The ghosting software will enable you to make a 'boot disk' just for restoring fromrepparttar 141493 external hard drive to your main computer.

This option will allow you to completely restore your computer, if necessary (with no hard drive damage). Or, install a new hard drive on your computer and then restore immediately.

Just plugrepparttar 141494 external hard drive intorepparttar 141495 computer and startrepparttar 141496 backup, which verifiesrepparttar 141497 data. Then, you unplugrepparttar 141498 external hard drive. This takes about fifteen minutes total for my backups. After backing up, I storerepparttar 141499 XHD inrepparttar 141500 trunk of my car (in a laptop case for protection). Even ifrepparttar 141501 house burns down I still have my entire computer capability just outside in my car.

First, put an XHD ghost of just your operating system and programs with allrepparttar 141502 custom settings. Second, do a ghost of your entire system (operating system, programs and data). Third, do regular working drive data backups. Make sure any programs you ever use are inrepparttar 141503 second XHD backup, and/or in your working hard drive for your 'regular maintenance' backups.

I can get a new computer, copy everything I need and get to work. One possible downside to this; if you have to 'recover' on a new computer with a new system (different configuration and drivers), you will have trouble usingrepparttar 141504 restored system until you reloadrepparttar 141505 correct drivers and eliminaterepparttar 141506 'old' ones.

Backup, BackUp, BACKUP! So, how can you combine these different backup choices to work in your particular situation? Takerepparttar 141507 simplest method that will safeguard your information. If all you need is a diskette file box for backups - great!

I userepparttar 141508 XHD once a week for a programs and data backup. In between I use diskettes or CDs, depending onrepparttar 141509 size ofrepparttar 141510 files and how long I want to maintain them. There is enough room on my XHD to put 4 total system-program-data backups of my entire XP system into it. Once, you've done an operating system backup, unless you change your configurations or programs, you don't need to do it again. For regular maintenance, do your working 'data' drive.

If you do nothing, you are guaranteed to have a disaster sooner or later. Choose what works best for you and set a reminder to BACKUP as often as you need to stay sane when it does happen.

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