How to Make Camping Shoot-the-Chute

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Screwrepparttar strips firmly torepparttar 148677 chute with 2-inch screws fromrepparttar 148678 under side. These ought to be placed not more than 2 feet apart. Probably each will have two or more strips in making a piece of sufficient length. If so, care should be taken to haverepparttar 148679 pieces joined on a bevel with a slant from outer edge toward bottom of chute, so as to leave no edge.

The utmost care should be used to have a perfectly smooth surface onrepparttar 148680 inside ofrepparttar 148681 chute. A pump or bucket is needed atrepparttar 148682 top ofrepparttar 148683 chute to wetrepparttar 148684 surface beforerepparttar 148685 swimmer starts his slide.

The supports should be firmly braced with 2 x 4-inch timber, and lower end of chute should extend overrepparttar 148686 pier at least 1 foot and not nearerrepparttar 148687 surface ofrepparttar 148688 water than 3 feet perpendicularly, allowingrepparttar 148689 swimmer to enterrepparttar 148690 water as in a dive.

The chute can be fastened torepparttar 148691 supporting braces through timbers, into maple side strips with a good heavy log screw. A platform 3 feet wide and 4 feet long nearrepparttar 148692 top of chute, and set just waist deep fromrepparttar 148693 top of chute will make starting easy.

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The New Twist Ending to The Children's Story "Don't Go In."

Written by Laura Hickey -

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and spraying each other. "Hey!" hollowed Shawn. "You guys want some candy!" Instantly they turned around and started to run towards Shawn and Tina. "We don't have any candy!" whispered Tina. "I know," he whispered back. "Where?" asked one boy once they all reached where Shawn was standing. "If you stay here for a little bit, I'll give you all a bunch of candy." "What is this, some kind of test?" snapped another boy. "Uh, yeah," stated Shawn. "Think you guys can handle it?" "Of course we can handle it you fool! All of Shawn's friends stood inrepparttar hot sun determined to prove they could handlerepparttar 148623 heat. A women walked up to Shawn. “What are you doing to these kids?” she asked. “Nothing ,” Shawn replied. “I don’t likerepparttar 148624 look of this.” The women proceeded to a police officer. “Uh oh, we better do something,” stated Tina. “What seems to berepparttar 148625 problem officer?” Shawn asked oncerepparttar 148626 officer came over. “This women claims that your torturingrepparttar 148627 kids behind me.” “No we’re not. Their my friends and we’re just playing a game.” The officer turned his head around torepparttar 148628 kids direction. “It looks like you’re giving them sunburns.” “Really, we’re playing a game. There’s nothing to be concerned about here,” Shawn insisted. “I’m keeping my eye on you,”repparttar 148629 officer stated. “Shawn, this is a bad idea. We’re going to get into trouble!” “No we aren’t! Give it ten more minutes!” 10 minutes later... Sweat was consuming everyone's foreheads. The children’s neck and back ached fromrepparttar 148630 burning sun beating down on them. "Hey man! I'm getting burned!" "How do you feel?" Shawn asked. "Annoyed! I don't want any candy! I wanna get out of this sun and now!" "Me either," every one of Shawn’s friends spoke. “Shawn, look at their skin!” shrieked Tina. Shawn looked over to see their skin was peeling a gross brown peel. “What is that?” “It must berepparttar 148631 chocolate. It was burned out of them.” “Oh my gosh! Look at those kids!”repparttar 148632 women stated. “Officer, Officer!” she cried. “Shawn do something! We’re going to get into trouble, hurry!” Think of something!” Shawn started to panic. “Peel yourself!” Tina screamed. “Yeah, peel yourself!” he stood in disbelief that he hadn’t thought of that. Carefully Shawn’s friends started to peel awayrepparttar 148633 dead chocolate layer of skin. “What’s going on?” askedrepparttar 148634 police officer. “Nothing sir. Some innocent fun.” The police officer looked atrepparttar 148635 dark peelings onrepparttar 148636 ground. “Clean this up!” He then turned torepparttar 148637 crowd that had gathered around. “There’s nothing to see here folks. Please go on with what you were doing.” "We did it!" Shawn exclaimed. "We cured them!" "I guess." "You guess! Of course we did! Now except for being all sweaty, every thing's gonna go back to normal." "I'm glad this is over. This school year is going to be a relaxing one after this summer." "Yeah, but don't forget. There's always next summer," Shawn stated. “Don’t even think about it! This was too close for me! We’re never going back to that farmhouse ever again. Understand?” “We’ll see,” Shawn smirked.

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