How to Maintain Your Love Affair ... With Your Dog Part One - Training

Written by Peggie Arvidson-Dailey

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□ Learn a New Trick. Just because you and your dog have been maintaining your earlier training and sticking torepparttar basics, doesn’t mean that you can’t find something new to do together. Clicker training and agility training are quite popular and are a great deal of fun for you and your dog. You can find local classes through your Parks and Recreation Department or visit The Dog Agility Page onrepparttar 141804 internet.

□ Introduce Your Dog to Strangers. The time will eventually come when you and your pet will need to be separated – at least for a short time. If you ever plan to vacation, travel for business or even attend to a family emergency, your dog is going to be underrepparttar 141805 care of someone other than you. Prepare for this by introducing him to many new people throughout his life. The simple act of letting your pet meet and greet new people will help socialize him inrepparttar 141806 event that you need to leave. Also, if you live in an adults-only household, you may want to takerepparttar 141807 time to introduce your dog to children. The more positive experiences he has around kids,repparttar 141808 better off you are when your sister’s kids come to visit. But remember – never leave children alone unattended with dogs.

□ Take A Ride. Teach your dog early that riding inrepparttar 141809 car is a fun way to go places. Take them on short trips in your car and always makerepparttar 141810 destination a fun or interesting place for them to be. Make sure you have proper pet-carriers for smaller dogs and appropriate seat belts or harnesses for larger breeds. You want your car rides to be safe and fun for both of you. Ifrepparttar 141811 only time your dog gets in a car they end up at a vet, it won’t take them long to decide that cars are bad -- making it difficult to crate them or load them intorepparttar 141812 car when you need them to come with you.

□ Establish Your Pecking Order. Your dog needs you to let them know where they stand inrepparttar 141813 family order. It may sound cruel to say that you arerepparttar 141814 Alpha orrepparttar 141815 Leader ofrepparttar 141816 Pack. Butrepparttar 141817 truth is if you do not set up a plan to show your dog who is boss, he will walk all over you. It may seem cute when your 8 pound puppy demands your attention by pawing you while you work, but when your puppy is an 80 pound dog who is demanding you drop everything to play with them, it can be distracting at best and dangerous if you are carrying a hot pot torepparttar 141818 table or healing from a medical procedure of your own

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Is Your House Killing Your Dog?

Written by Dr GW Graham

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Molds produce chemical groups like Ochratoxins, Aflatoxins and Trichothecenes. In high concentrations these chemicals cause cancer for people and dogs. Doctors and vets have known this for almost 30 years.

But these toxins are slow onset problem makers. This means that it may take a few years forrepparttar cancers to develop. So your dog may feel great up tillrepparttar 141795 moment that it is too late.

Where else do we find mold in high concentrations? Inrepparttar 141796 basement, of course. People quite often have a beautiful sleeping area for their dogs in basements.

"Okay, I believe you. What can I do?"

1. Keep cleaning products sealed in plastic containers.

2. Buy cleaning products WITHOUT bleach.

3. Clean up all spills immediately.

4. Keep washer and dryer open when not in use. (To stop mold)

5. Keeprepparttar 141797 laundry room door open to air out.

6. Periodically sprayrepparttar 141798 rooms with a solution of grape fruit seed extract or Tea Tree Oil to prevent mold growth.

If you plan to keep your dog healthy, you have to start thinking about it today.

For 30 years, Dr Graham has been helping people treat and prevent disease by showing them how to live in a clean environment.

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