How to Lose Weight During the Holidays Without Losing Friends

Written by Joey Dweck & The Editors at Weight Loss Buddy Press

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WeightLossBuddy.comís Top 10 Tips forrepparttar Holidays

1.Find a buddy to help you get throughrepparttar 131466 event and call or e-mailrepparttar 131467 buddy before, during and afterrepparttar 131468 party. For more information onrepparttar 131469 buddy system, go to 2.If you are a guest, eat a small low-calorie snack before you go torepparttar 131470 party atrepparttar 131471 time you usually eat dinner. If you arerepparttar 131472 cook, eat a small low-calorie snack before you preparerepparttar 131473 meal. 3.Eat smaller portions of everything onrepparttar 131474 table. 4.Nibble your way throughrepparttar 131475 party. 5.Userepparttar 131476 three-bite rule: If someone insists you eat a food thatís not on your diet, only eat three bites of it. That way, you can tellrepparttar 131477 cook how much you have enjoyed it, and everyone is satisfied. 6.Ask whether you can take a piece of pie or cake home to eat later. Savor every bite by pacing yourself, only eating a little bit every day. 7.When you turn down a fattening food, substitute a lower-cal food in its place. For instance, instead ofrepparttar 131478 pumpkin pie with whipped cream, eat an apple. 8.Just say no to that extra helping of stuffing. But do it politely. 9.Change your holiday traditions so that activities, not food arerepparttar 131479 center of attention. 10.If you do blow your diet, donít punish yourself and donít end your diet. Every day is a new day.

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Weight Loss Diets with Negative Calorie Foods

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- Skim milk and skim yogurt . - Salads or boiled vegetables or vegetable soup as starter. - Whole-wheat bread/tortila, whole grain cereal and rice. - Whole grains like kidney beans, chick peas and lentils. - Lightly cooked green vegetables. - Any dessert with minimum sugar. - Lean variety of meat (it is better to avoid). - The dinner should be light. If you had bread for lunch then have rice for dinner.

Include as much negative calorie foods as possible inrepparttar above diet plan. If you are meat eater, choose from a lean variety and restrict to one serving in a day.

A diet with negative calorie foods as main ingredients can include foods that are loaded with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers necessary for keeping you fit. The diet with negative calorie foods can be tailored for fast or gradual weight loss. The fast weight loss diet that can lowerrepparttar 131463 weight up to two pounds per day, is not recommended for long term.The gradual weight loss diet can reduce one pound in a week and can be followed until desired weight is achieved. The diet can be made according to ones needs. The negative calorie foods will not give you much benefit if you are eating foods loaded with fats and sugars. If you eat a serving of potato fries, don't think that you can reducerepparttar 131464 calories gained from fries by simply eating some negative calorie celery.

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