How to Keep Your Visitors on Your Site

Written by Matt Colyer

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Newsletter is one ofrepparttar most effective methods of marketing onrepparttar 150741 internet. A newsletter enables you to build a relationship with your visitors and create trust, there is nothing more important to a visitors then trust. The newsletter becomes a daily part of their life, making them rely on you as a major source of information for that topic. Sometimes internet surfers forget about a great web site, with a newsletter you remind them each time you send it out about your company.

Content is said to be king, but is it really? Yes and no! Content on it's own won't market your web site, but it can keep your current visitors coming back for more. Creating great and unique content on your website is an essential investment that will continue to bring visitors back time after time. Content isrepparttar 150742 big reason internet surfers visit your web site inrepparttar 150743 first place.

It's also essential that you make your web site easy to read and userepparttar 150744 right writing style. Most internet surfers won't strain their eyes trying to read text that is too small or bright. Visitors also will almost never read a full article, instead they scanrepparttar 150745 page forrepparttar 150746 information they are most interested in, so it's important to have text breaks, use good colors and short sentences, something that can be read fast.

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Get More Website Traffic Within the Next Hour

Written by Raynay Valles

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You'll also get to set a daily budget. What'srepparttar maximum you're willing to pay each day. Remember, you'll only be charged for per click. For example, you bid .05 per click and set a $2 daily budget. If only 12 people click on your ad today, you'll only pay 60 cents. Let's say tomorrow your ad gets 40 clicks. At that point, you've reach your daily budget of $2 and your ad will stop showing for your search terms.

You'll also get to set how long you want your ads to run. One day? Five days? Tilrepparttar 150612 end ofrepparttar 150613 year? Decide on a date for your ad to stop running. Ready to start your first ad campaign?

Go to to set up your own ads on Google. Click on "Advertising Programs", then chooserepparttar 150614 "Google Adwords" link. Followrepparttar 150615 instructions to setup your first ad campaign. You can always edit it later.

You'll need to decide:

What will your ad say?

For which search terms do you want your ads to show?

How much you want to pay-per-click?

What's your daily budget?

How long do you wantrepparttar 150616 campaign to run?

I did this recently for a client who offered a high ticket subscription service. He had a website online for 4 years with no sales. Suddenly, his sales fromrepparttar 150617 yellow pages dried up. He needed his website to spring into action and bring clients.

I quickly set up a dozen Google Adwords ads to see which ones got clicks. The ones that didn't get clicks, I edited until they brought visitors. Results: Five hundred dollars per month in pay-per-click fees brings him $20,000 in lifetime value clients. Your results may be different, of course.

Is Google Adwordsrepparttar 150618 answer for every business? No. For many businesses, though, it's a fast and affordable way to bring customers to their websites.

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